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    i remember the 1st time i sent someone an action fleet vehicle....

    ....and never having done it before, i used a pack & ship store close to my office. (similar but a different one than mail box's etc.), anyway, they boxed it and wrapped it up beautifully, weighrd it, applied postage, and then said, "that'll be $8.70! , i was completely taken back by it, as i could clearly see that the actual postage cost was $3.49

    when i asked them why so much? they responded by saying that i was paying for the "handling" , true, they had provided the box, and they did do the wrapping of it, but $3.50 for postage, and over $5 for the handling?

    live and learn, from that time on, i packed and wrapped on my own, and only dealt directly with the post office.

    i know it's not much of a consolation, but perhaps this seller uses pack and ship joints, and is mearly passing on the actual costs (or maybe they got stung like i was before, and thus only charge what it would have been had they used a pack and ship place)

    anyway, as the auction you won was for a true collectable that was priced as little as one could hope for, $8.01 is pretty reasonable for an avon x-wing

    i myself also learned the hard way with ebay, i will only bid on auctions where the shipping and handling is clearly posted, and if the amount plus what i'm willing to spend is acceptable. in your case swaffy, $0.01 + $8.00 would definately fall under the column as acceptable in my book!
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    Lightbulb "poor baby" consolation my fanny; what you Really want is Action. . .

    . . .so Action is what i took email i just sent to that seller:

    howdy seller,
    got my eye on an auction of yours; but as a precautionary measure i've been in touch w/some of your recent bidders, and they say you don't pack items well, even when charging $8 s&h for an item that costs less than $4 to ship. perhaps you can shed some light on these questions before i place a bid. thanx-
    vulcantouch on ebay

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    well, since mine is the only auction in their last 25 with an $8 shipping charge, they'll know for sure you're refering to my transaction.
    I'd be interested to hear their reply, especially since they've not yet replied to me.

    They also have yet to post me any feedback, punitive or otherwise....
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    Swaffy, here's one of his with a shipping of $9

    And here's a book with an $8 shipping:

    A BOOK!!! What the hell book has an $8 mailing charge? He sends it in 2 pounds of packing material? This guy is either a crook or a foolish seller by doing what GSJ suggests in using a Mailboxes Etc place. The more I see of his auctions, the more I think it's a little from column A and a little from column B. His shipping prices are all above $4, but it's super random, $4 for one stack of magazines, $8 in "media rate" for another, $5 for one hardcover novel, $8 for another. Maybe he's an idiot AND he's gouging.
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    Arrow seller's reply to my above inquiry:

    The item you've your eye is S&H is set at $3, and the envelope that it will go in cost me almost $2, and with the postal rates having just gone up, I'm sure that won't be overcharging you. The item you refer to in your email, was a miscalculation in shipping, and the member was refunded in full do to that miscalculation, and kept the item that he'd purchased. We have since adjusted all of our S&H, in order to better service our customers in hopes that such and incident as that will never happen again. If you are the winning bidder on the auction and have any specific requests on shipping requirements, we will meet your needs, as we have many other buyers in the past. We also combine shipping for multiple auctions. We also pride our
    selves on expiditious handling of the item upon payment, I've bought things from ebay that I've had to wait over a month for in worry of wether or not I was going to receive the item, where as we send the item out the next buisness day after payment, 90% of our items arrive within 3 days of payment. If you are unsatisfied, with our service please let us know, we will promptly rectify the situation.
    Thank you for your concerns

    ok swaffy, let us know if things turn out as seller claims

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    I'll have to e-mail them again, as I've yet to hear a word from them. Thanks much for sharing that reply.
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    HA! So that tells us that either he's a liar or he's screwed over several buyers in the recent past. Good luck to you Swaffy.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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