Anyone already tired of seeing these ads? "Pre-order the first 6 now!"

SirSteve already said that these 6 figures are the FX-7 wave and Eeth Koth / Zutton stuff. Also remember that Bo Shek, Teebo, R5D4 (and another?) have also been announced, so there are approximately 5 to 9 figures that we aren't sure of the case breakdown for, coming out in December or early 2002 anyway. With the exception of Eeth Koth, none of these characters including Queen Amidala will look like they do in Episode 2.

Finally, going to Midnite Madness (if they have one - and they should) and finding these things at retail or where you'll also find a lot of other collectors assembled with whom you can trade for what you want, all goes into my reasons for waiting, and not pre-ordering. Let alone the fact I'll probably get figures faster by hunting for them at retail, than anyway else.

And oops: one more thing. With the vehicles, beasts, deluxe figures, 12 inch, etc. all coming out then too, I'm sorry but I don't know if I'll have enough cash (or credit) to spend it on extra figures packed multiple per case. (Like how many Dexter Jettsters will I need? He's in like one scene!)

I don't mean to sound negative. In fact I can't wait to see all the product for this movie - and open 'em up and play with my toys!
So bring it on! - but I won't pre-order undetermined cases.