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Thread: Musical Talent?

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    Musical Talent?

    Just curious, but does anyone else have any kind of musical talent and play an instrument, such as a brass or woodwind instrument?

    I play the trumpet.
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    I don't play brass or woodwind but I play guitar.
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    i play guitar as well as a very poor bass. and i'm an even worse slide guitar player.
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    I sang in 3 different bands. Does that count as having any talent or just wanting to party?

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    I bought a bass guitar while in Korea, since musical instruments were so cheap over there. I tried teaching myself some songs but got frustrated and went back to drawing. I've never played anything since.

    I'm thinking I should have started with an acoustic guitar.
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    guitar and piano here
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    Padme wants some Jedi Juice!

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    I used to play the following:

    Tuba, trombone, baritone, clarinet, bass clarinet, and saxophone.

    I have since fallen out of touch with playing them, but would love to pick it up again one day.
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    Guitar, piano and singing.

    I used to play the baritone many years ago.
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