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    Not to spite a anyone, but where did everyone find Bloody Bespin Luke?

    I've only seen him at Toys 'R' Us and I was wondering where everyone else had seen him.

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    Never found him here in Tampa. The Bespin wave has just started showing up in numbers at the Wally worlds. One wave did go through a TRU here but I missed it. Don't know if Bloody Luke was with it.

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    I found Him ...................After I opened him.................................... and painted him myself....I never saw a real one at the store

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    I found one at TRU not long after they were released. There was only 1 bloody version and about a dozen non bloody. I have yet to see another bloody Luke.
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    I wish I could find a Bespin Wave,let alone bloody or not
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    the bespin wave just started showing up here in jersey...BUT...the scalpers cleared ALL the lukes, not just the bloody ones.
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    I found one in May when they were first starting to show up. The card had gotten badly damaged (looked like scalper activity, it was a little too unrandom in the damaging parts - especially since I also found an Endor Soldier with him on the same day that was in perfect condition) and I had opened it without having a double.

    One thing about that though, was before opening it there weren't any other variants of it that were reported, and I just had a feeling that when I opened it there would be a bunch of variations coming out on it that would make it the hardest to get, so guess what, I opened it, and around a week later the first Non-Bloody variant was reported, then a little after that the plastic peg version was reported. I've still yet to find another Bloody Luke to keep carded... (I want that one cause it's the best looking. )
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    I found mine at TRU in Times Square. It was the week the movie was released and I was the first one through the doors in the morning. Out of about 100+ Luke Bespins that were put out on the pegs I was lucky enough to snag the only one in the store. I don't know how but he was probably the third one I picked up and the 3 or 4 other people looking for the same thing were less than thrilled about coming up empty....handed
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    I have seen about a hundred Lukes now and not a single bloody stump one.

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    I picked up two at TRU. I traded one for a Jorg Sacul. And I sold the other one. I prefer the flesh peg.
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