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    If Hasbro would do a ....

    .... new 12" Boba Fett (grown up version) the very same way they did Jango, and if you have only just enough money to buy one of them, which one would you get?

    I'll definitely buy Boba no doubt about it.

    Do you guys hope to see Hasbro do this "Ultimate" Boba Fett?

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    i thought the same thing! i would almost guarantee hasbro will re-tool jango and release a boba fett in this style. i sure hope so.

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    I am definitely on board for this Idea. We need to be able to do a Father/Son side-by-side with these.
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    I'm all for an Ultimate Boba!

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    Smile I would like to see Hasbro make.......

    a STAR WARS episode II AOTC "Ultimate Clone Trooper" deluxe
    boxed set with removable armor and helmet just like the Jango
    Fett set, also R2D2 with removable parts so you can see the
    internal mechanical parts inside.

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    I would love to see an "Ultimate Clone Trooper." How about an Ultimate Stormtrooper?" They could finally fix their previous sculpting mistakes and have it come with tons of accessories: those different sholder pads, backpack, different rifles, binoculars, that little "Look sir, droids!" o-ring.

    I think the 100th figure Luke and Ultimate Jango Fett were great 12" figure releases. Let's hope they continue to run with it and give us some other great ones.
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    I agree, and would like to see and ultimate Anikan/Vader.

    you know one where you can put the armor and helmet on

    now that would be SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i'd be all for an "ultimate" clonetrooper if they improved on the armor. as it is now, it's too big on the arms and legs. a removable helmet with a young jango head would be really cool.

    as for removable armor, i don't need that. as a matter of fact, they shouldn't of packaged jango as they did. he should of been packaged as a standard figure with his gear all on.

    i'm hoping hasbro will release boba fett with the repainted jango armor.

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    If they do do it I think that they should do everything the way they did with jango except for the removeable helmet because boba fett is more mysterious and never takes off the helmet.

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    I would buy one. I would buy the Jango if i could ever find it.
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