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    Angry Problem with my 12" TaunTaun

    I have this 12" TaunTaun at home and Han was riding on it ever since I brought this home a year ago. Last night, it topple down from my display cabinate. So I tried to put it back in display but the TaunTaun just refuse to stand up anymore. And when it does, it topple again when I place Han on it.
    Therefore, I took a closer look at it and discover that both joints on its thigh are loosen from the sprocket. it kinda "spread-eagled" itself gradually when on a standing posture and ultimately topple. Now I have to use some sort of support pillar sit just between its chest and tummy. Hope that works.

    Any of you folks has the same problem as mine?

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    i too have the same problem. i've never "played" with it, so it's not loose because of use. i have my taun taun with his head leaning against a speaker so he won't fall over.

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    Sorry Humsup but that's all you can do. It's a bummer - especially as it costs so much. Here's hoping if and when the Luke version comes out, that they fix the problem.
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    I haven't removed mine from the box as I have only one. I am glad to hear this so that I can take precautions when I finally get one to open. Thanks for the heads-up everyone.
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