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    Okay, this isn't necessarily my absolute definitive Top 5....but 5 I'd definitely like Hasbro to see, and make. I'll try to consider which I want more. And this list considers those that aren't out yet, but have been announced--including the Rebo trio.

    1. Squid Head
    2. Gamorrean gaurd
    3. Hammerhead
    4. Ellorrs Madak
    5. Myo/Djas Puhr/Zutton/Nien Nunb (Tied. :P)

    A big ol' Jabba just might be nice, too.

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    Exclamation top five 12" wants

    My top five is the same as my top one and top one hundred:

    Dear Hasbro,
    PLEASE hire someone that has prior work experience with the Dragon or Blue Box Toy company. The 3 3/4" guys you currently employ can NOT handle the 12" stuff, IE: ZAM WESSEL-YUCK!!

    I will buy all the good ones you release! So, it is up to you, make crap and keep it, make good stuff and sell it out.

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    1. Ree Yees
    2. Darth Sidious
    3. Endor Rebel Soldier (like the new saga figure)
    4. 21B
    5. FX-7
    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

    My Needs
    My Stuff Back( you know what i'm speaking on)
    Loose ctc stormtroopers
    sandtrooper blasters

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    AOTC Yoda
    AOTC Geonosian Warrior
    AOTC BattleDroid (More artiulation as in ball socket joints...)
    AOTC Destroyer Droid
    AOTC Taun We

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    Okay here's mine:

    1. Kit Fisto
    2. Shaak Tii
    3. Luminara Unduli
    4. Plo Kloon
    5. Female Tusken

    Right now would be the best time to make all the obscure Jedi. This movie has made everyone Jedi crazy. 1 second of screen time makes it worthy of a 12"!

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    1. jabba with electronic throne.
    2. nute gunray
    3. ultimate boba fett
    4. ultimate stormtrooper
    5. chancelor palpatine with sideous robe
    6. weequay
    7. anakin(head resculpt) with robe and swoop bike
    8. lando skiff guard disguise
    9. episode 2 padme with a small head and articulated body
    10. a new chewbacca(see tycho's thread)
    11. 12 inch scale snowspeeder with luke in snowspeeder outfit.

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    This is a GREAT POST -- but a difficult one to choose.

    General Veers
    General Rieekan
    Leia in Bespin Gown
    Plo Koon
    Kit Fisto
    Hoth / Endor soliders would also be great additions
    Weequay would be awsome
    Lando in skiff outfit
    Gamorrean Guard
    Power droid would be neet as well
    Jabba the Hutt would be great also...

    I'll be back later...
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    Wow, some great responses.

    I sure hope hasbro reads this. all are great ideas and gives hasbro much to choose from. I especially like the padme/nexu combo. hey we had Capt. Tarpals/kaadu, sandtrooper/dewback, han/tauntaun, amoung others, so why not?

    Someone said FX-7. Wow, imagine that. this would be so easy for them to make. the 3 3/4 fig was awesome so how about it hasbro. Ooh Ooh! How about a two-pack FX-7/21B That would be so cool. Just don't make it an exclusive or if you do make the buyer commit to a predetermined amount to buy. (Let's get that number higher PLEASE) we collectors and completists are getting increasingly frustrated by the availability of things that should be easy to find. I for one HATE to pay for things on the net and don't ike scalpers. Do some justice by us Hasbro. We are you TRUE market, believe it or not!

    Sorry, I got on a roll and couldn't stop. Okay rant done.

    More favorites?
    Move along, move along

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    I could think of a LOT they need to re-do as well as a BUNCH of EU figs , but as for first timers:

    • R2-D2 w/ lightsaber lauching action and tons of removable tools and opening doors
    • 2-1B
    • Jabba
    • Imperial Probe Droid
    • Gamorrean Guard
    • Lando Skiff
    • Lando General
    • Obi-Wan w/ saber w/ removable blade & holo Leia
    • Transforming Battle Droid w/ STAP
    • Captain Panaka
    • Gungan Warrior w/ Shield and weapons
    • GONK Droid
    • Transforming Destroyer Droid
    • Darth Sidious
    • Padme Coruscant Arrival (AOTC)
    • Lobot
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    if one figure was going to be remade, i wish it would be R2-D2.
    is it just me, or is his 12 inch figure way too small?

    i like everything on your list, especially a captain panaka, but please no more old obi wans.


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