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    Eeth Koth!!!!!

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    OK, now that some of the most wanted 12"ers have been made or are on the drawing board I can do this again:

    TPM: I don't know if hasbro will make any more E1 figs, but we must hope that they will
    SENATOR PALPATIN/DARTH SIDIOUS-- HOW COULD THEY HAVE NOT MADE HIM YET?!!! After all, palpy is the title character of the movie. It is especially frustrating since they did a great job making the velvety robes of chanc val and the senate guard. Even though sidious is just palp with the emperor's robe, I would still like to see the 2 individual figs made.
    NUTE GUNRAY -- again, I don't see how he wasn't made yet. Although I felt E1 wasn't done properly, Darth Maul should have been the featured villain instead of a mysterious swordsman who never really does anything evil and gets cut in half at the end, nute was the 2nd main badguy after palp. It isn't necessary, but a RUNE HAAKO could also be made, as well.
    DESTROYER DROID -- this is a must. hasbro should make as many droids as they can since there is a high demand for 12" droids, and we will probably see this guy in all 3 prequels.
    CPT. PANAKA-- again, I think E1 was done wrong. the 3 main characters for the PT should be Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme (like Han, Luke, & Leia in the OT). Instead, at the end of E1 the 3 people you get to know the best are Qui-Gon, Panaka, and JarJar. Panaka was a great character and really needs to be made. I would even like to see the NABOO SEC. GUARDS, also, since they were really cool looking.
    Other than the above mentioned, a couple podracers, maybe. ODY MANDRELL-- since he was once on the drawing board, and GASGANO, but no more. These would be easy since hasbro could just blow up the 3 3/4" versions.

    OK, for AOTC I think hasbro has done a great job thus far. with Padme and Geonosian coming out all the main characters have been made except CHANC. PALP. and YODA. After these guys are made they can start making all the cool 2ndary characters, and lots of JEDI!

    I think they've done a great job with this line, also. The cantina would be a great place to expand the figure line though. Perhaps a HAMMERHEAD, DR. EVAZAN, and GARINDAN. Also, since droids are always cool why not make a GONK DROID, finally?
    I've also always liked the REBEL FLEET TROOP/TANTIVE IV TROOP and think he could be easily done.

    ESB: Although there aren't as many characters in this movie as compared to the others, every one of them is really cool and should be made. Especially since ESB is many peoples' fav movie.
    GENERAL VEERS/ATAT CMDR -- I've been dying for this one to be made. with the grey uniform and atst driver coming soon, I think hasbro has the tools to make him now.
    LEIA BESPIN -- again, I don't see how she hasn't been made yet. I thought the whole reason they created the Princess Leia Collection line was to make this figure. Oh well.
    LOBOT -- I've always wanted this guy. With the puffy sleeves and simple outfit I think he would not be difficult to make.
    2-1B -- this was always one of my favorite droids. Several people have suggested a 2 pack with FX-7 which would rock.
    other than that some other cool figs would be UGNAUGHT, BESPIN SEC., REBEL HOTH TROOP, and CPT PIETT even though they've already made a gray imp off.

    ROTJ: there is tons of figs that could still be made from this line.
    I haven't seen a lot of people suggest this, but I would like to see more ewoks. 2 or 3 at the most, though
    TEEBO & LOGRAY -- probably the most popular and could keep wicket company on my shelf. I have to admit I'm surprised hasbro hasn't made a speeder bike/PAPLOO combo yet.
    WEEQUAY -- we're finally delving into jabba's palace with Lando Skiff, Gam Guard, and Reebo band reportedly on the way, and this guy would make a great fig.
    there are so many other great figs that could come from jabba's palace. I guess I would most like to see: SQID HEAD, REE YEES, EV-9D9, etc.
    Finally, although they were very minor, they were very cool: I would love to see an IMPERIAL DIGNITARY or two.

    Well, there's my break down of what I hope to see in the future. Let me know what you think.

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    Ok. . . I know this was supposed to be top five. . . but I'll break it down by movie. I also didn't put my top five in order. . . just five figures I'd like to see done:

    A New Hope:
    Dr. Evazan
    Jek Porkins
    General Dodanna
    Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru 2-pack

    The Empire Strike Back:
    2-1B & FX-7 2-pack
    Hoth Soldier
    Bespin Security Guard
    Lobot (Possibly a 2-Pack with Security Guard)

    Return of the Jedi:
    Gamorrean Guard
    Lando in Skiff Guard Disguise
    Mon Mothma & General Madine 2-pack
    Lando General & Nein Numb 2-pack
    Ev-9D9 & 8-D8 2-pack

    Phantom Menace:
    Destroyer Droid
    Nute Gunray & Rune Haako 2-Pack(Or seperate. . .these guys need to be made!!!!)
    Mas Ameeda
    Senator Palpatine
    Captain Panaaka & Naboo Security Guard 2-Pack

    B]Attack of the Clones:[/B]
    Jar Jar Binks in Senate Robes
    Chancellor Palpatine & Royal Guard 2-Pack
    Boba Fett
    Lama Su & Taun We 2-Pack
    ANY of the Jedi (Council Members as Priority)

    OK. . . so I kinda cheated with the two packs. . . but you have to admit some would be silly if they weren't together. As far as movies went, there wasn't much from Empire that I could think of. Star Wars has a lot of choices because of the Cantina. Jedi. . . whew! There are a lot of possibilities with that movie, considering Jabba's Palace, and the Final Battle. Phantom Menace seemed a little lacking in the idea department, unless you include the Pod Race. . . but Gunray and Haako have to be made. . . they are main characters in the film!!!!!! Attack of the Clones includes all of the Jedi Council who we all want, but I wanted to mention some others that might be slighted because of the existance of so many Jedi. I also apologize if any of the afore mentioned are slated for release, I don't have the list memorized yet. I love the 12" line, and because there are so few made a year. . . I always get excited for their upcoming releases!!!!! Bring on the 2-packs!!!! We'll get more!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!
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    New Figures

    Snaggletooth (Zutton)
    Duro spacer (Ellors Madak)
    Djas Puhr


    "Ultimate" Boba Fett, like the $40 Jango
    Greedo w/ decent head sculpt & leather body suit, instead of satin pajamas. And no pastel orange.



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    Great lists....

    It's tough but I'll pick just five...

    1) Kit Fisto
    2) ReeYees
    3) Nute Gunray (EpOne version)
    4) Momaw Nandon (HammerHead)
    5) Poggle the Lessor

    There are so many more, but these are the ones that come immediately to mind. I hope we see more from EpOne along with the classics and AOTC. A lot of people bought up characters like Capt. Panaka & Rune Haako...yes! Also some more jedi would be cool (can't wait for my Plo Koon to show up in the mail).
    At least Hasbro has been able to suprise me lately, what finishing off the classic bounty hunters and the forthcoming Gamorrean Guard....they're still listening to the collectors....let's keep these lists coming!

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    Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)
    Ree Yees
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    Well, I hope I have not previously replied to this thread. I did not have time to go through every post first. And if I have, well here is my updated list (by film):

    Rune Haako
    Gungan Warrior

    Kit Fisto
    Taun We
    Shaak Ti

    Gonk Droid
    Momaw Nadon
    Dr. Evezan
    Rebel Fleet Trooper

    Princess Leia (Bespin)

    Nein Nunb
    Endor Rebel Soldier

    Well, these are the main ones that spring to mind as what I would want to see/buy.
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    What I'd really like to see in a 12"

    Porkins! Seriously, he'd be a great sculpt.
    Porkins is Your Daddy!


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