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    What figures would you like to see as 12in? list five fav's in order from best.

    Okay, now that we finally have the long awaited 12in forum I thought we could discuss who we would really like to see. List your five favorite's then apart from the list mention any other highly desired figs. (try to keep it short, yeah I know you'd like all the 3 3/4 scale to be made into 12in but that's unrealistic. so just mention your most desired.

    Okay mine are (from most desired)
    1.Adi Gallia (wish she was in EPII, disappointing this is!)
    2.Destroyer droid
    3.Gamorrean Guard
    4.Labria (Devaronian)
    5.Momaw Nadon ''Hammerhead''
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    1) All of them
    2) All of them
    3) All of them
    4) All of them
    5) All of them

    I have never really cared about the order in which they are made. To me, EVERY character is as important as every other one.

    I will, however, vote on polls. But I have to make my choice based on which one just happens to pique my curiosity at the time.

    But in long as they all get made...I don't care which order. Even resculpts of overdone characters like Luke are OK with me if it is a cool version.
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    Well see that's just what I was trying to avoid.

    I would like for Hasbro to see this post and get an Idea on wo we would MOST like to see produced. That is why I specifically said "yeah I know you'd like all the 3 3/4 scale to be made into 12in but that's unrealistic."

    Please just give a few most desired and let's try to get Hasbro to take notice. I for one would like to see at least all of the speaking characters get a 12in but even that's "unrealistic."
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    Here's mine.

    1) Kaminoan w/ Aiwhas (AOTC)

    2) Jabba the Hutt (ROTJ)

    3) Bespin Leia (TESB)

    4) Rune Haako & Nute Gunray (TPM)

    5) Yoda (AOTC)

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    Here's what popped into my head:

    1. Princess Leia: Bespin Gown
    2. Jar Jar Binks: Gungan Senator (1st outfit)
    3. General Veers (w/ removable armor, hat, and helmet)
    4. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
    5. Luminaria Unduli

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    1. AOTC Padme - Geonosian arrival (white outfit w/cape)
    2. AOTC Padme - Coruscant reunion (dark blue dress she's wearing when Anakin and Obi-Wan are sent to protect her.
    3. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
    4. TMP Senator Palpatine (that we were supposed to get and didn't)
    5. Bespin gown Leia (ESB)

    Looks like a lot of us would be interested in a Bespin Leia. What d'ya think the chances would be of a 12" inch fan's choice?

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    1. Jabba the Hutt w/ Salacious Crumb
    2. Amanaman
    3. Gamorrean Guard
    4. Ephant Man w/ Bubo
    5. Bantha
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    1. Kit Fisto
    2. Exar Kun
    3. Quinlan Vos
    4. Luminara Unduli
    5. Aayla Secura

    On a side note, I am pleased about the Jedi Council being made, but I hope it doesnt bite us all in the arse being a "club exclusive".

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    I'll do this in from each film so far, five waves in total(that should keep Hasbro busy for a while). Although there are quite a few more I'd like to see produced eventually.

    • TPM
    • Nute Gunray
    • Senator Palpatine
    • Destroyer Droid
    • Dexter Jettster
    • Kit Fisto or any other alien Arena Jedi
    • Taun We or Lama Su
      or alternatively(since it's a new movie )
    • Poggle the Lesser and or a Geonosian Warrior
    • Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
    • One of the more interesting seperatists(or senators) like Wat Tambor for example
    • Momaw Nadon
    • Garindan
    • Kabe
    • Lobot
    • 2-1B
    • FX-7 2
    • Gamorrean Guard
    • Ree Yees
    • Tessek

    Throw in a few exclusives(since Hasbro always does) like...
    • Arena Padme with Nexu
    • General Veers(done Jango style)
    • Jabba with Salacious Crumb
    • Amanaman with Bubo

    ..and I'll be a happy 12" collector for the next few years
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    My top five would have to be:

    1. Leia bespin gown
    2. Leia in ewok dress
    3. padme in white outfit at end of movie Ep11
    4. Padme in white dress at end of ep1
    5. padme in black dress corset ep11


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