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    Angry when will wal-mart have the figures in a permanent place??

    every time i go to wal-mart, they have them in a diffrent place. today i couldn't find them at all...

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    Wait untill Ctmas...they should all be in a permanent spot for a while, after that wait for the release of the EPII toys, they should also remain in a spot for some time, after that its move along...move along...
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    Several of the WMs near me are rearranging the entire stores, not just SW in toys. Give 'em time. "We shall be patient."
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    I'm betting Feb/March, around the time of Toy Fair 2002. I think this "floating section" idea is there specifically FOR x-mas.
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    It is getting rather annoying. Not bad enough that I can't handle it though. Time will tell I suppose.

    What I don't like is the seemingly sloppy job my Wal-Marts have been doing setting things up! Figures are everywhere and some are covered in other toys.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Wal-Mart has no cross-company continuity when it comes to toys. I live in a fairly Wal-Mart rich area (Sith Worm and Bubba Fatt, who get to the stores more often than I do can back my following statements up) and no two are alike in anything, ever! As far as the location of Star Wars, a few have adopted the floating location scheme, often to the point seen by many posting here, floating it right off the map. Others have had their (sparse) Star Wars selection in the exact same (ignored) spot since 1997, and with nothing new since the first POTJ releases.
    This same trend is true of pricing. I've recently learned to bundle up a bunch of Star Wars figures and run them by the often hard to find price scanners in the store. Sometimes a random group of figures will scan at half price or less! I've bought figures at one store for $1.99 that scan for $6.99 at another store. Both stores had roughly the same supply of the same figures, why the price disparity?
    The really ironic thing is that Wal-Mart seems to be the source of all upcoming assortment information (based on their detailed SKUs), yet they are rapidly becoming the worst place to try to find the actual figures when they are released!
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    I would agree that there is no continuity among area Wal-Marts. Case in point, within the last month I have seen POTJ figs for $6.44 (the Duros Wave) at one locale, 5 dollars at another (tons of Dirty Scout) and 3 dollars at yet another (just a bunch of Porkins, Chewie Mechanics, and Leia Bespins). And that last store sadly hasn't had new figs in 2 months and no figs at all in 2 weeks.

    The one that had the Duros wave gets SW figs pretty regularly, but the other two get them very infrequently. Plus all three of them had no permanent shelf space for their SW space. Two were in a clearance aisle perpendicular to the Toy Dept while the other had an attached rack in the Action Fig department.
    I thought, oh they would clear these desparities in time for the new Tie Bomber in October, but now it looks like that is on hold. Hopefully by the Christmas they will get their stuff together
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    I'm with jeditricks on this one. I was in a Wal-Mart today and the toy dept manager said they are not carrying any star wars figures through the Christmas season.
    I have found some of the new figures in some of the WM stores though.

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    The Wal-Mart were I live said that they aren't going to get any new Star Wars things in for at least 2 weeks. Of course that was a couple days ago so they should be in time for the Ep.1 DVD.

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    Talking i think they are in a place to stay for a while

    they only have 4 rows, but that'll do


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