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    Thumbs down So sick of W-M...

    I've been ranting about W-M for awhile now and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

    Case in point...

    My wife went into one last month and found the Duros wave (minus Ketwol) for $6.44 each. I asked her to return them since I already had them. She took them back without the receipt and they were going to give her back $2 for each. She then took back her receipt and the figures, got the difference back and kept all three. The next week I found a Ketwol at the store and it rang up at $6.44. The store management wouldn't give it to me for the discounted price even after showing them the discount on the receipt from the week before.

    Since then that W-M has had jack squat for figures.

    I now have to go to Target to find anything new (which I recently did for the newest figures). I wholly agree with Jedi Cole and LBCleaner. You have to try different stores because there is no uniformity between them.
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    Check this out.

    I went into Wal-Mart the other night after I got off work because I was going to buy a DVD. They didn't have it and as I was leaving, I decided to swing by the toys just to check. They didn't have anything new, but they had pulled the pallets out onto the floor for the overnight stockers and one of them said STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES on it. Naturally this caught my attention and I walked around the two pallets and found 11 more boxes of figures. For a total of 12. THAT'S 144 FIGURES for those of you keeping count. I didn't want to get into trouble opening up a box to check, so I got up first thing the next morning and ran back over there. NOT A SINGLE FIGURE HAD BEEN PUT OUT!!!! I asked somebody if they had any in the back (because they have 2 Aurra SIngs a Mechanic Chewie and Bespin Leia warming the pegs) and this person told me "WE DON'T HAVE ANY MORE!!!" What a load of GONK!ing bullGONK! Why are they keeping these things in the back???? 12 cases!!!! I laughed at her....loudly... and walked off. Oy..Wal-mart is getting on my nerves, Target-style...

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    lets start a rebillion against w-m! that would make them put stuff out!!

    i hade a case like rollo a while ago...we saw a few boxes and asked someone if they could open one but they said it was all old stuff...and it was....scary....

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    Originally posted by master jedi
    You should've just opened the boxes.

    I wanted to, I really did, but when I got home today New Force Comics have shipped my case of X-Wing Luke's, Han Solos and EW Vaders I ordered 4 months ago, so screw you wal-mart HAHA! I got my goodies anyway!!!!

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    Following up. I just got my case in the mail!! Yessss!! Wal-Mart doesn't want my money? Fine. These figures are pretty sweet. And thay ARE cheaper by the dozen...

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    When I was at a TRU I asked an employee to bring out a case of SW figs, 'cause I was looking for a certain figure, and they did it without any trouble. Too bad I didn't find the figure I was looking for. It never hurts to ask.


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