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    Your First Vintage Figure As A Collector?

    As opposed to the first one you got as a kid. I have 2 categories for this section.

    #1-First loose vintage figure. Mine was an AT-AT Driver. I always liked Imperial bad guys.

    #2-First carded vintage figure. Mine was a C-8 Zuckuss (4-LOM). I have decided to collect only the Bounty Hunters on cards.
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    Thumbs up I was gonna make a thread like this! Oh well...


    Loose: Blue Snaggs for $4 in 1987.
    Carded: 7 POTF figures for about $32 each (Luke Trooper, A-Wing Pilot, R2 lightsaber, Barada, Imp Dignitary, Romba, Amanaman). These are the only carded vintage figs I have.
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    Loose figure...Han Solo Hoth Gear

    Thats it!! i havent bought carded vintage versions since i was a kid.
    As always...........L


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