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    I found both the red cross version and asterik version of he-man at TRU, I've also seen the red cross at meijer. walmart I found empty pegs.
    I thought more than just series one was going to be released, but so far that's all I've seen.
    I think Mer-man is one of my new favorites.
    The cats just look better in the boxes.
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    So, I wounder if the cross is going to be rare or is the * going to be rare? I found the cross at my TRU and they had 4 of HE Man with the cross and a couple of the Delux He Man's but no other characters. If it is a chase kind of deal it's good thinking on Mattels part. After all they came up with the idea of chase items, IMO. I mean treasure hunt hot wheels came out in 1995. That's way befor any other "chase" figure ever came out. Sure, others where hard to find befor 95', but I don't think a company ever announced they were doing short packs on purpose befor the TH in Hot Wheels.
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    The show will have the asterisk, so the cross will eventually be rarer.
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    I got He-Man and Skeletor over the weekend. I had read about them in an article in ToyFare, but I didn't know they were out until my friend told me.
    I am very glad these have been made. I used to have all the original He-Man toys, but like alot of my stuff from when I was a kid, they were either lost or damaged. This is my chance to get in on it again.
    By the way, did anyone see the pic of the new Teela in that ToyFare article (I forgot which month it was)? That thing looks sweet. I can't wait to get that one.
    All in all I am VERY happy with this new line of MOTU figs.
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    What is with the pink hue added to the shield and sword?
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    JT, I'll post some detailed reviews when I get Mer Man and complete my collection. In brief summary, all figures (except Stratos, whose gimmick limits his arms) have ball joint shoulders and hips. They aren't all from the same body mold, so Beast Man is built completely different from Skeletor or He-Man. Paint has been excellent on all the figures I've seen. I'd give Stratos an A- and all the others an A+.

    Seriously, the introduction of this line and promise of better Batman figures from Mattel and DC Direct has been the last straw when it comes to my buying Simpsons. Though I will still get Disco Stu and maybe a couple of others.
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    EL Chuck, does it simply come down to a $$ game when it comes to these things? I mean don't you still like The Simpsons figures? They haven't changed and the new characters look just like all the others. Or, is the line slowly dieing becasue all they have left is lame versions of the main characters and goofy background characters.

    I agree the new MOTU line is amazing, but I am not going to stop buy Star Wars or Sports Pics because of them.

    Just a question to find out how other people collect

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    Money and less interest. For the most part, they've used the main characters and the background characters I like. I still would pick up Gil, Homer as Bigfoot, Guy Incognito, or Senor Ding Dong if they made them, but Bouvier sister and Sideshow Bob resculpts? The next wave has only two unproduced characters in it (okay, three, but Rod and Todd are together).

    And between Star Wars--which has gotten more expensive lately--MOTU, Simpsons, and the occasional McFarlane, I have to cut back a little or starve to death. I'd rather have Orko than Pointless Bart Resculpt #427.
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    I read this kinda late, but today I finally picked up a couple of these: He-Man and Skeletor.
    But what I want to know is: what has already been released? When I was there today, all they had were: 2 He-Mans, 2 Skeletors, 2 Deluxe He-Mans, and 1 Beast Man. I would guess there are slim pickin's because of how late I was.
    If anyone could tell me what other figures have been released so far, I'd appreciate it.
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    I've only seen, He-man both reg, and delux. Skeletor, both reg and delux, Beast man, mer-man, Man at arms, and the only other one w/o man in his name, stratos.
    oh yeah, and the two cats, Battle cat and Panthor.
    I think those are all that have been released as of yet.
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