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    Pepsi cap promotion

    I don't know if anyone else has seen the pictures of the new Pepsi promo in Japan for little PVCs on bottle caps. They look awesome! I truly want a full set including the ones from the other movies. Does anyone know a dealer who will have sets of these in stock? Approx. how much$$$? I really want them.

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    I got a hologram magnet of Queen Amidala a couple years ago. Apparently it's pretty difficult to collect a full set of these. I know my cousin gave it her best shot. The DID end up getting the Battle Droid, Artoo and Threepio can/bottle holders. Those were pretty cool. The Threepio one spoke with a digital chip. Pretty cool stuff. Pepsi Japan totally rocks with their Star Wars ties-ins.
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    I just saw a pic of that promotional poster for these things over at Rebelscum this morning. Those look super cool. I'm gonna try to get my hands on at least a few....

    Good traders/sellers: pthfnder89, jjreason, bobafett07728, TK421, Lord Tenebrous, DahrJin, baby 01, Lman316, jonboy, swfreaker

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    They did the same thing for Episode 1 and i am lucky enough to have a complete set. They are very cool. I hope to get a complete episode 2 set also.

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    That's gonna be hard getting a full set..... I really like these things...
    How will I ever get at least one!?!?!??

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    The arena rocks!

    It's the arena that I really want to get! I would like to use it to display my Hasbro figures! Does anybody know just how big it is? It really makes the Hasbro playset look like a wasted piece of plastic.

    Can anybody here get that thing for me?

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    I just talked to a friend in Japan, and he said that promotion was over. I woul've liked to have a few of those.

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    That was a short promotion... I wish they would do something like that here. I know I'd drink Pepsi more.
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    Got a lead on getting these bottle caps. Saw a whole bunch of loose ones in a display case for sale near my office. Please PM me if you're still interested.


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