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    COMPLETE haves and wants..

    Haves: (All are carded or boxed)
    12" Collectors Series: Luke X-Wing, Luke (Blue Back), Han (Blue Back), Vader (Blue Back), Obi-Wan (Light blue), C-3P0
    12" other: yoda, snowtrooper, han hoth, luke ceremonial, luke hoth, sandtrooper, luke and han stormtrooper KB 2-pack
    Beasts: Rancor w/ Jedi Luke, Bantha w/ Tusken Raider, Jabba w/ han, Ronto w/ jawa
    2 packs: Kabe and Muftak, Joh Yowza and Sy SNootles, Stap w/ battle droid
    Exclusives: B'omarr Monk, Ghost of Obi-Wan, Cantina band Member
    Ships and Accessories: TIE Fighter, A-Wing w/ pilot, Cruisemissile w/ trooper, swoop w/ trooper (SOTE), imperial speeder bike w/ scout trooper, Airspeeder w/ pilot, naboo fighter (EP1), Anakin's podracer (EP1), Expanded Universe Speeder Bike, Darth Maul's lightsaber
    Figures: Emperor .00, Stormtrooper orange card and green card w/ holo, Death Star Gunner Orange card, green card collection 1 and 3, ugnaughts FF, Grand Moff Tarkin green holo, Vader orange LS, orange SS, green card coll 1 and 3, Boba Fett orange carded, green carded coll 1 and 3, sandtrooper green col 1 and 3, TIE Pilot, orange and green col 3, garindan green holo, 4-l0m green holo, c-3P0 orange, green holo, r5-d4 orange straight latch, green curved latch, hoth rebel soldier green holo, tusken raider green holo open hand, green closed hand, orange open hand, snowtrooper green holo, greedo orange and green holo col 1, hammerhead orange and green holo, r2 green holo, jawas green holo, EV-9D9 FF and green holo, Yakface FF and green holo, gamorrean guard FF and green holo, Malakhili FF and green holo, Luke orange, Luke X-Wing green holo, orange SS, orange SS/LT, orange LS, Han Solo Green holo and orange, Anakin Skywalker flashback, Han Carbonite tri-logo, orange w/ carbonite block, orange w/ carbonite chamber, Leia slave green holo, Luke ceremonial green holo, Leia orange and green holo, Obi-wan orange and green holo, Luke Storm Green holo col. 1 and 2, Leia Boushh tri-logo and SOTE, Yoda green holo, orange .00 and .01, Luke Jedi tri-logo, Lando orange .00, Luke Dagobah SS/LT and LS, Bespin Han green holo, Luke Hoth green holo, Han hoth orange open hand,
    Mace windu, ric olie, jar jar, qui gon, chancellor valorum, obi-wan, gasgano w/ pit droid, padme, watto, boss nass, darth sidious, ki-adi mundi, senator palpatine, anakin, queen amidala, battle droid, c-3p0

    Rebel Pilots 3-pack
    mynock hunt 3-pack
    admiral motti, aunt beru, c-3p) w/ removable limbs, r2 with new features, luke blast shield, leia w/ all new likeness, vader w/ interrogation droid, lobot, mon mothma, prune face, leia "spoting blaster", r2 w/ holo leia, ree-yees, stormtrooper w/ battle damage, wuher, chewy as boushhs bounty, jawa w/ gonk droid, luke flashback, chewie flashback, zuckuss
    I will trade very generously, i wanna get rid of my extra stuff and finish my collection..

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    hi i got a rebel pilot 3 pack email me at
    i'm looking for the Tie figher let me know thanks
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    I have Bespin Luke(plastic peg, Saga), Prune Face (power of the Force), and Bespin Vader (Saga). I am interested in your a-wing. email me at if interested.


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