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    do you consider the Imperial Officer figure a fig of the "taking this.....thing" guy?

    I was just wondering since he is the character pictured on the figure's card. In case you don't know, he was the guy in ANH that asks, "Where are you taking this....thiiiiiing?" The figure does in a way resemble him more than it does any other Imperial Officer.

    Too bad they didn't make it of a certain officer. Reduces our chances of getting figs of Jerjerrod, Ozzel, Tagge, Needa, and Dain Jir.

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    I guess he is closest to that guy you mentioned. I think we need both generic and specific officers....and technicians, and scanning crew troops...and.....
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    Specifically, the picture on the package is of that particular officer. I believe it was used because it may have been the best picture available of an ImpOff. I'm glad this is a generic one from the army builder view, but it would be nice to get Ozzel, Jerrjerod, and Captain Chokemeister Needa.
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    The idiot you are refering to is Lt. Shann Childsen. Just another character that I want to smack.

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    The Imperial Officer is a great figure. He's a good army builder and would be great to have another head sculpt.
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    The uniform that the POTJ Imperial Officer is wearing is seen in ROTJ, most prominently during Vader's arrival at the beginning of the film. That's why the uniform isn't smooth like all the other officer characters. Also why he is wearing a TIE Pilot wrist communicator and gloves. Jerjerrod isn't wearing it; but the officers standing in formation are.

    That picture on the card was just used because he had a black uniform and the face sculpt is intended to be generic.
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    I think that guy remembered to press his uniform. This fellow got his straight from the Death Star' s dryer. That would be a nice EU figure- Death Star dryer technician.
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    I like the figure a lot. I kind of wish the arms had been straight, even though the pose is kind of cool.
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    I got 2 of them, and i make them kill each other..... i hate them........ ha....

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    Well, I have 15 and glad to have them. It makes my dioramas look cool and very complete.
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