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    Your five favorite EU characters

    Since its been a few years since the Insider's favorite character poll, let's get an idea of the current favorites.

    My five:
    1. Dash Rendar
    2. Mara Jade
    3. Kir Kanos
    4. Ulic Qel Droma
    5. Baron Fel

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    Mine would be:
    1- Corran Horn
    2- Ganner Rhysode
    3- Grand Admiral Thrawn
    4- any Noghri
    5- Kyp Durron (New Jedi Order; I really didn't care much for him before this series started)

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    Well it's hard for me to say totally, because it seems like none of the authors can keep the characters traight from novel to novel.

    But my list would be:
    1. Coran horn
    2. Talon Karrde
    3. Mara Jade
    4. Winter
    5. Thrawn

    Hmm.... Strange how 4 of those come from Timothy Zahns books. Maybe that's because those are the only really good ones ever written...
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    cindel towani
    jodo kast
    roganda ismaren

    oh, you said favorite, not least favorite

    my bad

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    Mara Jade
    Kyle Katarn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
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    Although it was hard to pick just five,I narrowed it down to:

    1)Mara Jade
    2)Naomi Sunrider
    3)Corran Horn
    4)Exar Kun
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    The droid from Shadow Hunter

    The rodian first mate from Cloak of Deception
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    Mine are:

    Mara Jade
    Corran Horn
    Kyp Durron
    Kyle Katarn
    and the Noghri [I would really like a figure made of this one]
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    1)Corran Horn
    3)Mara Jade
    4)Kir Kanos
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    In no order:
    1) Kyp Durron (more of the pre-NJO, though)
    1) Thrawn
    1) Corran Horn
    1) Gallandro (old school!)
    1) Bollux w/ Blue Max OR Vuffi Ra (old school!)
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