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    Palpatine variations?

    Does anyone know of any S. C. Palpatine variations besides the two right hands thing? I have two Palpatine figures with two different heads. One I got at a hobby shop, but I believe it came from Europe somewhere. The box has a big black sticker across the back of it, over the pictures of the other figures. Palpatine's head and neck are kind of tall and thin. His red spots are all over his face, and are very dark and noticeable. The other one came from a Target. His head and neck are shorter and fatter than the other one's, and looks more like the figure in the pictures you always see of the toy. His spots are also very light and not very noticable. I've been looking at these guys over and over now, and they are definately two different sculpts of the head. I have no way of scanning the toy or anything, so I can't really show anyone who might be reading this. But maybe someone knows what the deal is here? Anyone?

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    Maybe there is a variation where he actually does something!!! All these freakin' gimmicks and all he does is stand there with his hands crossed!!!! :-)
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    Interesting variations. I'd have to see them both in person. But in the long run, I don't think there will be a big deal about it.
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    Maybe there could be a button that makes him clap! (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.... YEA!!!!)

    I have one with light... VERY light spots. I like that one... the other version I have not yet seen.
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    Maybe his special feature is using the force. And the warning is in case Palpy decides to use this force feature to choke you. ?


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