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    At last a light saber that actually looks like the dynamic weapon its supposed to be...... hope it lives up to my (now high) expectations.
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    I think it looks okay... It's hard to tell with the prototype figures- I mean look at how much "Skullhead Vader's" lightsaber changed between the prototype and the pics we are seeing now!

    Right now it looks a little clumsy and "bumpy/unfinished" looking.

    ...and really- do we have a choice?
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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    ...and really- do we have a choice?
    Oh you bet! If I don't like it, I'm slicing it right off and attaching one of those extra Qui-Gon blades. The sad part of that is, if I do that, I'll probably buy a duplicate to keep carded.
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    Question interesting........

    I was looking at it and I noticed that it looked a little shorter to me. Is it just me or do you agree?
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    Sculpting looks great (short or whatever)....... we'll have to see what happens with the production version. They always look different when they hit the stores.
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    Hello, I'm new here. But I would like to say that I went to Wizard World, and the lightsaber looks really really excellent. I also want to add that the Imperial Officer and the Rebel Trooper will have two or possibly three different head variations. I think thats a great move by Hasbro. But who ever is reading this may have probably knew the information already.


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