So how many 12" Star Wars figures do YOU currently own??

AND, if you can, Please post some pics of your collection or a link to your web page.

My answer:

I just started 12" s/w after seeing Epi 2, prior to that I was an avid 12" Dragon WWII collector w/ apx 150 figures. Most boxed due to lack of display space (read:apartment and 3 women!)
After Epi 2 I did a deal for a major collection of apx 35 loose 12" figures. Since then I have bought/traded for about 20 boxed figs and 10 loose ones too. I plan to buy/trade for some type of display case to house these in soon. Pics to follow, sit tight.
I have the start of my WWII figure web page with a few pics, it has a space for S/W but its still under construction.


BTW-On the WWII forums I go by "CajunGIJOE" thus the title...