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    Question Another Poll: How many 12" S/W figures do YOU own?

    So how many 12" Star Wars figures do YOU currently own??

    AND, if you can, Please post some pics of your collection or a link to your web page.

    My answer:

    I just started 12" s/w after seeing Epi 2, prior to that I was an avid 12" Dragon WWII collector w/ apx 150 figures. Most boxed due to lack of display space (read:apartment and 3 women!)
    After Epi 2 I did a deal for a major collection of apx 35 loose 12" figures. Since then I have bought/traded for about 20 boxed figs and 10 loose ones too. I plan to buy/trade for some type of display case to house these in soon. Pics to follow, sit tight.
    I have the start of my WWII figure web page with a few pics, it has a space for S/W but its still under construction.


    BTW-On the WWII forums I go by "CajunGIJOE" thus the title...

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    only a measly three...electronic boba fett, ep 1 obi wan, and clone commander.
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    I have 16. I'll have to work on that picture request.

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    129 figs for me. All are open and displayed in action poses. I'm still working on getting pics on my page, and will be happy to show it to all who wish to see it when completed. MR

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    I'm a 12" military collector too (but modern forces). But I start 12" with Starwars first and I currently have 60 figs open or boxed. Have 3 self customs (2 of them in Rebelscum's custom critique of the week previously). You can click on my link to check out the picts.

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    I have 82, but if you count the tauntauns, dewbacks, kaadus, then it's 86. All are opened. I think they are much more fun that way.

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    I think they are much more fun that way
    I agree.

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    it would be easier to list what i don't have.

    1. admiral ackbar
    2. jawa
    3. masterpiece C-3PO
    4. original chewy
    5. cantina band
    6. death star gunner
    7. wickett
    8. R5-D4
    9. R2-A6
    10. tie fighter piot

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    Like 70 or more SW figs, the pile of boxes is at least 3 deep and over 5 feet tall. (btw, I open all my 12" figs, but I don't have display space, so they mostly live in their boxes)
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    90. Mostly SW with several WW2 and misc. including the Monty Python knights. All but 4 are free from their plastic and cardboard tombs.
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