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  • The Speeder Bike blasts its way to the Top!

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  • The STAP blasts the competion back!

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    Remembering that this is a poll for which vehicles are our favorites, not which are the best. I've enjoyed playing with the Speeder Bike toy for almost 16 years, the STAP held my attention for all of 45 minutes.

    So, while the STAP has all the features to make it a winner, I was just never too thrilled with the overall design of the vehicle and was never too enthused about the toy. Thus I pick the Speeder Bike.
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    Sorry, if I wasn't clear. I've heard that Paploo's bike DOES NOT have the crash feature. I just noted you didn't see it crash (and that could be why - though it's likely because Hasbro saved money on a spring).

    I don't actually have the ATST / speederbike exclusive. I turned it down as I don't need any more of those vehicles. The Paploo was tempting, but I'd rather see him carded still.
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    Paploo's bike does not have the crash feature, though I believe it may have some of the components for it (I think the latch is fused to the forward upper section, keeping it in place instead of springing out).

    This was a difficult decision for me as I am fond of both vehicles and yet both have some noticable flaws. Both vehicles have a little trouble standing on their own, both are limited to the pack-in figures they came with, and both have handlebar problems. However, both have nice designs and acceptable play features, both have nice paint jobs and are fairly screen-accurate, both even came in at an acceptable price point.

    Basically, what it came down to is that the action gimmick on the Speederbike doesn't overwhelm the vehicle, while the action gimmick on the STAP causes the top section to be larger than it should be. I'm also not a fan of spring-loaded missiles, especially on a vehicle that never FIRED any missiles, so the STAP didn't get my vote.

    The speederbike may have been a 12-year-old toy design when it joined the POTF2 line, but it still had a lot of charm - I still enjoy its "floating" gimmick, a creative use of the legs.
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    Every time I use the STAP's action feature, it looks like the droid is getting it on with the ship. I chose the speeder bike over the "Power-humping" feature on the STAP.

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    The STAP is a much better toy and therefore gets my vote. Too bad it is getting beaten pretty bad. I always seem to vote for the loser.

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    This is a tough one because I'm not real big on either of these vehicles.

    The Speeder Bike is a cool vehicle but it's a bit fragile and I don't like the way the figures fit on it. I do however like the springy legs and the overall look but it's not a very sturdy playable toy.

    The Stap is a more solid toy fitting a battle droid with little trouble and the fact that it needs a stand to sit upright is not IMO a negative thing since these vehicles don't actually land in the movie.

    If I was picking my favorite vehicle from the movies I'd pick the Speeder Bike but my vote for the best toy goes to the Stap.
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    Although the STAP is prob more accurate than the speeder bike the speeder bike is still a classic toy and it gets my vote. For me the prequel toys will never hold a candle to the classic ones as nostalgia wins all the time.

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    I really like both toys a lot. The speeder bike has one the great designs from the vintage line. There is very little Hasbro could do to improve it. As a kid I love the damage feature. As for the STAP I just love the way it looks. It different most of the other vehicles. And I thought it was cool the way the battle droid leans forward to fire the missiles. So in the end I have to go with the STAP because of the figures. I was unimpressed by all the figures that come with a speeder bike (its sad, four out four suck).
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