View Poll Results: What kinds of Star Wars stuff do you buy? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY!

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  • Action figures, models, toys, and accessories

    1,228 98.24%
  • Dark Horse Star Wars comics

    332 26.56%
  • Del Rey Star Wars novels

    356 28.48%
  • Scholastic Jedi Apprentice books

    100 8.00%
  • Master Replicas Star Wars weapons

    145 11.60%
  • authentic Star Wars costumes / masks / helmets

    168 13.44%
  • Star Wars roleplay weapons and accessories

    159 12.72%
  • Star Wars video games and arcade action

    617 49.36%
  • Star Wars collectible cardgames

    141 11.28%
  • Star Wars roleplaying games or boardgames

    156 12.48%
  • collector grade plates and / or pewter models

    94 7.52%
  • Star Wars promotional items like cereal boxes, and collector cups

    397 31.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What kinds of Star Wars products are you into? CLICK ALL THAT YOU BUY

    So what kind of Star Wars stuff do you like?

    There are a lot of different tastes out there in the realm of fandom, and everybody's into different stuff.

    What interests you?
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    Well, from that list I can only pick the Hasbro action figures and their accessories. Aside from that the only thing I really buy are the WOTC Roleplaying Game books and the videos/DVDs.

    I assume that the action figure choice encompasses Legos, MMs, Action Fleet and Playskool sets too right?

    I also would have picked the Kenner vintage toys, if they were on the list.
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    Mostly the action figures and accessories. But lately I've been collecting promotional stuff like the lifesize yoda from Pepsi and the R2-D2 cooler. If the Redwings win the Stanley Cup, my girlfriend has to buy me a real Star Wars pinball machine. GO WINGS!!!
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Action Figures & Vehicles are my main collecting point, but I collect anything that appeals to me; Books, Autographs, posters, postcards, LEGO, instore offer leaflets, Micro Machines,computer & board games & anything exclusive.

    Basically anything and everything.
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    I only buy 3-3/4" action figures that are from the Classic Trilogy or Classic trilogy related(Yoda, R2...) I buy ships ocassionally, if they are on clearance. The main reason I started collecting again in 1995 was to replace all of the vintage figures I had or never got when I was a kid. I keep it to the CT due to costs and space.

    I have been the novels, but I wouldn't say I collect them.

    I have some of the Legos, but I somewhat gave up on those.

    I play as most of the video games. I have a PC, PS2, and Nintendo 64. I still need to get the podracing and starfighter games. I plan on getting Jedi Outcast and Clone Campaigns soon also.

    While I don't collect promotional items, I do have a Qui-Gon Pepsi can from Korea. Most Asian soda cans are shorter and more narrow than US cans.

    Now, my wife collects Princess Leia and Queen Amadala dolls. She has all of the Padme/decoy action figures and most of the 12" dolls.
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    I collect the Hasbro 3 3/4" figures and their ships and playsets.

    Also the 12".

    I'm a big fan of Dark Horse Star Wars comics, especially stories with Quinlan Vos, Vilmah "Villie" Grahrk, and Aayla Secura.

    I love Del Ray's New Jedi Order and stories about Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo versus the Yuuzhan Vong. I also like the Essential Guide books.

    I thought Jude Watson's books for Scholastic, "the Jedi Apprentice Series" about the young Obi-Wan Kenobi were seriously great!

    I trained in martial arts, so I like Hasbro's roleplay lightsabers because I'm always looking to get into a fight with them and I'm pretty rough with the toys, so I like to buy them at a discount.

    I don't play a lot of video games, but I'm really looking forward to Star Wars : Bounty Hunter, and I enjoy all Rogue Squadron flight games!

    I went out and chased down all the Tri-Restaraunt Groups' character cups during 1999 - the heads like R2D2 from KFC, Watto from Taco Bell, and Yoda from Pizza Hutt. These were some of my favorites from that collection (there's 12).

    I have BurgerKing glasses from 1980 and The Empire Strikes Back. I've had them all my life, or at least since 1980

    I don't have time for most of the games, but I do like what I've experienced from them and often check out their sourcebooks' artwork and character descriptions. I also collect the main American-release movie posters, but I forgot to put that up as a poll choice and it's kind of late to enter that in their now.

    But that about sums up what I collect and what I shop for.
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    I collect the 3 3/4 action figures and their ships. I collect some 12 inch figures and just the movie novels.

    Some misc things may be from promotional campaigns and thats it.

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    I collect almost all of those things.
    The 3 3/4 in. action figures are my main priority though.

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    I collect Action Figures, the CCG cards, Movies (although its not a choice on the poll), video games (Jedi Outcast rules!), and I even got the Canadian Cereal Box promotion with the Clone Trooper Helmet (but thats about it for cereal promotions).

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    It's all about the toys for me, specifically the action figures, playsets, and vehicles. Mostly just the 3 3/4 in. stuff, but I've been known to get some of the 12 in. stuff as well...oh, and anything Stormtrooper related!
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