With the resolution of the Death Match between the Skiff, ATST, and Droid Tank, we're moving well past our half-way point for the Quaterfinals in SSG's Battle of the Machines!

Tonight's is a light-weight match between two hardened contestants.

The Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike was featured in Return of the Jedi. This vehicle has been packed with every known movie pilot which today includes its standard pilot, the Imperial Scout Trooper, as well as Princess Leia of the Rebel Alliance (shown), Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, and Ewok Scout Paploo (most recently released). All of the pack-in figures are available in other venues (save for Paploo) be it a carded figure, or a Millennium Minted Coin box figure. Meanwhile, the speeder bike features a pivoting blaster cannon, braking flaps that operate remotely when the foot pedals are moved, and an explosive battle damage feature that causes the craft to blow apart when the camouflage jacket is pressed down on the rear of the craft.
The Speederbike defeated the Swoopbike 82-23 carrying 78% of the vote to its victory.

It now faces The Single Trooper Ariel Platform or STAP that sits on a clear plastic stand to simulate flight. The stand also activates a remote control that can move the pack-in Battle Droid into action, and fire the crafts twin laser cannons. They simulate fire with two launching projectiles that can easily knock over most action figures - even the ones with lightsabers, if the Force is not with them! The STAP was first offered as a Special Sneak Preview figure for The Phantom Menace, and was later released in Episode One Packaging. To date there have been at least 11 versions of some kind of battledroid. The STAP's pack-in may have been slightly longer legged and loser jointed. The STAP defeated Darth Maul's Sith Speeder 51-32 with almost a halfpoint over 61% of the vote.

Which vehicle should go on to rank amongst Hasbro's best ships and crafts for the modern era?

You decide now! Then let's talk about your choice.