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    Exclamation "have indeed returned whilst it's still spring"

    -so much for my ongoing procrastination re critiquing your mix

    "wish i remembered what i sent"
    -then maybe i should take the opportunity make stuff up: track 1, "cats" theme, track 2, a rare duet twixt raffi & barney etc one thing i Don't think you included was artofnoise's "paranomia", w/guest "vocal" by max "berlinghof rasmussen" headroom as per your avatar on that atavistic note, that spaceduel/gravitar emulator you linked us to's been outta commission for a while now; happen to have a lead on a another? i've missed kickin multicolor-polygonal-vector butt

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    Re: MMixtape MMadness

    memmmmmmmmmmmooooorrrrriiiiieeeeess, ahh, good times, good times

    hey barney and raffi coverin' the pistols pretty vacant is a keeper in my book i particularly like the chorus, and barney dancin' round singin you're so pretty....h'yuk h'yuk........ we're all so pretty............. hey kids you're doin' great.....h' raff........vacant

    as fer game emulation, probably the best place to start is here

    i'll see what else i can come up with, which will provide instant gratification
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