(no, i ain't ready to start reviewin your tapes yet, but i got some related quextions to axe, so might as well get this road on the show if you're ready to post critiques though, fire away )
swaffy: damn you and your admirably insidious scheme to get me to make you a 2nd tape, i only got 1 hour of sleep last nite cuz i was gripped by a bug of inspiration to start a rough pass that bored into my head like a little rat weevil bazzdidd anyhoo, to help me avoid wastin tape on stuff you already know, plz confirm you are unfamiliar with all the following candidates for inclusion (gsj & jdah'll recognize a few):
towa tei, "last century modern"
serge gainsbourg, "initials bb"
barry, "fancy dance"
sandra bernhard, "manhattan" aka "new york post"
"it's natural" from Wigstock
diana ross, "have fun again"
misc. salsoul records instrumental disco/funk (title escapes me for moment)
roxy music, "both ends burning"
opus 3, "into this universe"
kraftwerk, "telefon call ('88 german house dub)"
"hercules takes off/inflight fight" from barry's Living Daylights
grace jones, "don't cry it's only the rhythm"
jean-luc ponty, "no more doubts"
hector zazou's "sahara blue" album
glass & allen ginsberg, "hydrogen jukebox"
sakamoto's Snake Eyes score
b.e.f. (aka pre-heaven 17/human league), var. singles
d.a.f. aka robert gorl, "mit dir" & "a ist weider da"
deee-lite, "*****cat meow" remixes
"journey through time" from badalamenti's Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
"full moon" from barry's King Kong
"gene explores the titanic" from Raise the Titanic
axus, "near or far"
kama sutra, "nightwalk"
"fools" from High Art
there's also a few others i'm pretty sure you Aren't familiar with, but i want to make sure about above listed
np: swaffy2 draft2