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    what's your eBay name?

    Whenever possible, I want to avoid bidding against my MM forum co-regulars. If I had a one-stop place to verify who I may, or may not be bidding against, it would take the stress off me in not wanting to step on any friends' toes. Not to mention inadvertently costing someone money by bidding up their auction.

    My eBay ID is:

    (is also my email addy)
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    My eBay ID is Jedigreedo.
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    I am only rarely on e-bay. But I'm JonathenForest.

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    They call me.....

    because I use most the vehicles I buy for customization, You will usually see me bidding on action fleet lots or loose ships under the ebay ID "bobtony"

    So far so good none of my thread comrades are any of my nemesis, ebay snipers. Swafman good idea for a thread, I look out not to outbid you, and possibly we can talk about splitting lots in the future.

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    Mine is so creative and secretive that you'd never guess it was me. "JediTricks"

    I know VT's username, he's the "jerk" who outbid me at the last minute on my first auction for the Special Edition mini-MM 3pack. Literally, the last minute, and I was going to counterbid when friggin' ebay went down!
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    I guess I'm not very creative, as I'm R2dee2 on ebay as well Just won Epic sets 1-3 in foreign box:happy:
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    I 'm just as creative my e-bay ID is Dark-Knight-of-the-Rose.

    Be not afraid of any man, no matter what his size. When danger threatens call on me, and I will equalize.

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    i'm just as boring as the next guy

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    Red face jt: "he's the 'jerk' who outbid me at the last minute"

    well maybe if Someone wasn't trafficking in Secret 2nd identities at the time i mighta known to defer to him don't forget, i offered to find you one after you told me

    "I was going to counterbid when friggin' ebay went down"
    -yeah, i hear that seems to happen a lot when i snipe spekin of:

    "my nemesis, ebay snipers"
    -personally i approve of the fine art of sniping, as it helps keep prices down my personal best: beating an opposing bidder by $.01 with 1 second to go; top That but it's been a while since i was ebay-active, it seems i scored most everything i'd want long timeago. i'm certainly a materialist & a new acquisition always gives a buzz but when there's a dry spell i'm content w/what i already got
    hey, how come swaffy ain't "swaffy", or "swafman" if he insists? surely it's not taken, and exposing your address publicly only attracts spam

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    how come swaffy ain't "swaffy", or "swafman"...

    Just lack of forethought, creativity & sophistication, I guess.
    I was on eBay before I was on SSG, so when I setup my eBay account I just used my AOL email addy as my handle. Not long ago, I updated my eBay ID, but out of reflex just changed it to my current email addy.

    I appreciate the responses so far.

    Except for the times I know I won't be able to get to a PC at the end of an auction, I'm also an eBay sniper (hooray for cable modems!), so there's still the chance I'll butt heads w/ another sniper-foruMMer, but at least we're making some effort here to respect each other's needs (and $$).

    Please continue to post eBay addys here & post your intent to bid on an item on the "mm eBay alert" thread.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"


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