On request from “Darthsal” here’s my review of the “Darth Maul Bust” that I posted over at the “From Bricks to Bothans” website the 26th of October 2001 and it’s a complete copy of the post I made as I write “ALL” my posts and replies in the “Word” program and save them.

Okay, here goes people:

As I’ve said in my earlier post “Great News I!” my sample of the “Darth Maul Bust” was delivered to me by mail straight to my doorstep Monday the 22nd of October 2001 and I was just as surprised as I guess you guys are.

So here’s my review of the “Darth Maul Bust” I’ve got:

The Box:

The “Darth Maul Bust” box is in “Ultimate Collector Series” style but with black and white artwork and is “NOT” labeled as an “Ultimate Collector Series” model but belongs to the “Sculptures” series that The LEGO Group made. The box itself is “HUGE” and measures around 57 centimeters (23 inches) wide, 48 centimeters (19 inches) high and 11 centimeters (4.5 inches) thick looking at it from the front and also worth to mention is that there’s “NO” additional pictures of the bust on the backside of the box. This box is with other words a bit low budget styled but it’s rather classy anyway and remember what I’ve said about releasing larger models in cheaper packaging so I turned out right this time again. Another thing to mention to all the LEGO fanatics out there is that the box is of “US” style with piece count and notification that it’s a building toy on the lid just like all “US” boxes.

The instruction booklet:

Is of course in full color and takes you through the building of the “Darth Maul Bust” step by step but please note that caution is needed as “I” felt that some things are a bit “unclear” in the construction of the bust. So carefully look at all the drawings of what pieces that are needed for each and every layer and step that you are building on the bust or otherwise you might end up missing something out and have to start all over again. The building of the “Darth Maul Bust” is divided into first building the “pedestal/torso” and second the “head” for easier construction of the bust before finally putting them together in the end. The very best thing about the instruction booklet is that all of the January 2002 sets are shown off in some rather great pictures on pages 78 to 79 in the 80 pages long booklet.

The “Darth Maul Bust” itself and building it:

I really hate to admit this but I actually had to rebuild the entire bust as I thought there were way too many pieces left over and taking the 1860 pieces apart to start all over again was a real hustle for me and I was very frustrated. I started building the “pedestal/torso” as per the instruction booklet at 11.30 PM on Monday the 22nd and 90 minutes later at 1 AM on Tuesday morning the 23rd I were done with that section of the bust. After a 45 minute break I started on building the “head” at 1.45 AM and 6 hours and 30 minutes later I discovered that something was totally wrong since there were way too many pieces left over. 8) I went to bed as my girlfriend “Eva” laughed at me being a Star Wars LEGO maniac and after waking up some time later I spent the rest of Tuesday the 23rd to take the “head” apart and rebuild it and I got it all right this time around. On Wednesday the 24th I also got around to take apart and rebuild the “pedestal/torso” and when I put it together with the “head” I went “WOW!” and so did my girlfriend “Eva” who were just as impressed as I were. I’ll tell you guys that the “Darth Maul Bust” is one “HUGE” LEGO sculpture being 43 centimeters (17 inches) high since it’s 1:1 scale and it’s definitely something that will catch peoples attention when they see it on display in your home and collection.

So is it worth the investment you guys ask?

Yes, the “Darth Maul Bust” is most definitely worth the 1369.00 Swedish crooner (around $130.00) I paid for it because it was great fun to build and is a totally awesome piece in my Star Wars LEGO collection indeed. I calculated that the price per piece were 1.36 Swedish crooner (around 12 cents) so one gets a whole lot of pieces for a very good price I believe so to me it was worth the $$$ I paid for it. I built the entire bust at my girlfriend “Eva’s” place and it wasn’t until today Friday the 26th of October I managed to get back to my own apartment to type down this review of the “Darth Maul Bust” for you guys.

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.