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    Post Want/ Have list

    I am looking for the following:


    Jorg Sacul
    Toy Fair Vader


    Royal Naboo Starship Starship with Droid
    Almost any droids except for R2, C-3PO, R5-D4
    Snowspeeder with 2 Figures (Wallmart)
    Tie fighter
    Vaders Tie

    Any Weapons

    12" Dewback and Sandtrooper in box

    Incomplete loose 12" figures (Have clothes, missing boots and weapon)
    Luke Jedi
    Luke X-wing
    Amadala red gown
    and a luke in tan jacket

    Newer carded Figures:
    Besbin Guard
    Coruscant Guard
    Ellorrs Madak
    Gungan Warrior

    Flashback Photo
    C-3PO Removable Arm

    Boxed stuff
    Falumpa and ammo wagon (Tri Logo)
    Jabbas Skiff Guards

    Promo Stuff
    The only item I have is a large "Star Wars Spectacular" Kay-Bee Toys Overhead Sign. It looks good as a background peice for collections... But being I do not have the room for it...


    I am digging out a few loose complete figures and will post when I find them.

    Parts to the IMPERIAL SHUTTLE:
    -1 Front guns
    -2 Wing Guns
    -Side Hatch Cover
    -Rear Gun
    -battery cover
    -landing gear (2 legs)
    -noise engine that works
    (I am also willing to trade it togeather as a incomplete shuttle missing the canopy, ramp and a front gun)

    email me to let me know if anything I have inteests you:

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    Hi I'd be interested in that Shuttle with all the parts you mentioned. I have a Darth Vader TIE Fighter to trade, as well as some loose figures that might interest you. If you want to talk about a trade, email me (don' t PM me as I don't check this board often)


    "Grease me up, woman!"

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    I have a darth vader tie fighter mint in box, would you trade fulumpa (tri logo) and your POTJ gungan warrior for it?
    Good Traders= Lord Tenebrous, Brentfett, jonboy, cohens4, rynobot, btuck15,sith_killer_99,bobaphil,johnyhero,bount3hntr,evil j


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