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    No, that's the church that was converted into a library from Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade.

    Casterta Palace was used as Theed's capital building and looks nothing like that.
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    Some of you know, that my wife was pregnant. She was due January 13th. This past Thursday, we went for her 35 week check-up, and found out she was 3cm dilated, and was to stop working immediately, and be on complete bedrest. We were both shocked, but ok with it (like we had a choice). Friday, I went to work, and she spent the day at home throwing up everything she tried to eat, along with some pretty terrible back pain. She made it through the night after some tylenol, but woke up around 8am Saturday felling pretty crappy. We called the hospital, and they said come in and get a check-up. We went in and found out she was now 4-5cm dilated, and the back pain was contractions due to her being in LABOR! She was admitted around 11am. Her OB/GYN came in and said they would give her a few shots to slow the contractions, but could only give her the meds 4 times to slow things down, after that, it was baby time, ready or not. By 8pm Saturday, she was 9cm dilated, so they broke her water. Around 10:50pm, she was 10cm and they had her start pushing. 11:07pm, Delaney Jordan was born, 5 lbs 6oz and 19 1/2 in long, and seemed healthy as can be. Sunday was a busy day, with tests and usualy baby stuff, but something was wrong. Delaney was throwing up green fluid, which the Drs. *thought* was meconium (I'll spare you what that is..). The problem was, it was ALOT....alot more than any normal baby should be spitting up. They took Delaney for some x-rays, and came back to tell us there looked to be a "blockage" in her small intestines. We freaked out, but they assured us it may be nothing of great concern, possibly poop that hadn't quite made it down the pipes yet. Just to be safe, they sent the x-rays to Winnie Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando. They called over to our hospital, and said we are sending an ambulance right away, she may need surgery! My wife about had a nervous breakdown on the spot, since our newborn was being taken away less than 24 hours after she was born. My wife's Ob-Gyn came to check her, and said she was Ok to leave and go with the baby. Around midnight, we were told Delaney had what looked like a Duodenal atresia and would need surgery. We both broke down at that point. Not able to do anything but cry, we decided to head home and prepare to spend the next few *days* at the hospital. We went back this morning, and was told Delaney was waiting to go into surgery, we just had to sign some consent forms and she'd be on her way. Around noon, Delaney went in for her procedure, and around 3pm the Surgeon came out and told us all went well. They had to rearrange some of her small intestines, remove a small portion that had died due to lack of blood, and took out her appendix, because the procedure involved rotating her intestines and her appendix was now on the left rather than right, so to avoid future complications, they removed it while they were in there. Needless to say, we've had a ROUGH 48 hours or so, and are just happy she's still alive and seems to be doing well on her way to recovery. I'll be off work for at least 2 weeks to help my wife and visit Delaney, my wife will be off for 6 weeks. If Delaney responds well to the surgery she MAY be home in 2 weeks, but they said don't be upset if it turns into 4-6 weeks...everything depends on how strong she is now.
    I've made alot of friends on here, and just thought I'd pass everything along to you guys and gals that know me here and in the "real" world.

    Here are a few pics of Delaney before all the chaos and a few after surgery.
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    Wow! That's some drama Darth Chuck MC.

    I'm so glad that the story seems to have a happy ending. I think it will. I think that some day you'll be able to tell your daughter this story.

    Congratulations on your new baby! I hope you and your wife get all the rest you need during your time off because I can imagine how stressful the past couple of days have been.

    My warmest thoughts are with you and your family. And Happy Holidays at the same time - that's quite a present you got this year - in many ways, too.
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    I feel for you, as I'm sure Chux does, when it comes to having babies in the hospital. Being 35 weeks along puts her in very little danger, and the surgery sounds scary (why wouldn't it?!) but I'm sure it'll work out and be nothing to you in six months!
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    Man, with all of these SW nerds having kids I think the myth of us never having sex is about to be thrown out the window!!!

    Congrats on the early Christmas gift Chuck and I hope things move along alot smoother.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Congrats Chuck, hope everything works out for you.
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    Wow, intense stuff there DarthChuck. It reminded me of when my son was only a few weeks old, he looked quiet, but his mother said there was something wrong. We took his temerature and it was unusually high like around 102 or 103. We ran him to the hospital and they did some tests and he had to have an IV put in his arm, and I got to hold his arm as he cried. The dumb doctor told us, it was most likely Spinal Meningitus (sp?). I can't remember what it ended up being, but it was an exhausting couple of days in the hospital.

    Good luck, and I hope your doctors don't leave you as panic stricken as I was.
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    Shouldn't this news be in the December hauls thread?

    Congrats man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    Man, with all of these SW nerds having kids I think the myth of us never having sex is about to be thrown out the window!!!
    That's right, because you and Rocketboy each have a litter of kids running around, huh?
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