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    Best present EVER! And beautiful! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. DCMC
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    Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Chuck. She's cute
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    Hey there! I haven't had a chance to post in this thread for a while so I thought I'd take a moment to post a pic of me and the wife from just before the wedding (six months as of Dec. 18th!)

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    Here's another of me at paintball the weekend before the wedding nursing a paintball wound.

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    Congrats Roojay and welcome back.
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    ...and here's a close-up of said wound! Not too gruesome, hopefully. I should point out that this was a friendly fire incident from about a foot away, and before the match even started at that! Luckily, it mostly healed up in time for the wedding. I wear the scar proudly as a badge of honor.

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    Thanks Kid!

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    While I'm at it, here's a cool one of me and my cousin Christopher boxing at one of our many family BBQs this past summer. And then another of my Grammy and Grampy boxing each other! She won!

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    Whoops! Here's that one of me and my cousin (don't know what happened there!)

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    Cool pictures and I love sparring and paintball! And Congratulations on your wedding as well.
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