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    I have a picture with Chux, Figrin, and me from today at the Star Wars panel at Comic Con. They know it is for posting, but I haven't downloaded my camera yet and quite frankly, I'm too tired at the moment to find the USB cable, but this will be coming soon - Mon or Tues perhaps.

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    did JT find his way into that photo-op, by chance?

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    I would highly doubt it. JT seems to find the darkest of corners and hide in them.
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    Don't you all know that "JT" stands for "Just Transparent"?

    There's no way he can be photographed!
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    The mystery and speculation is more tantalizing than the real thing.
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    And here I thought Tycho would have thos pics up for our viewing pleasure.
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    JT will be in the picture with Figrin, Chux, and me.

    I am also waiting for the pictures from my friends camera that were taken today of me and wait for it....Mark Hamill!

    I went to Official Pix' booth and Mark was signing (for $100 for every pic) and he overheard my conversation with the lady that was selling the autograph tickets. She'd seen me and Barry in the Star Wars Insider and knew of our kidney transplant and Mark called me over to the front of the line and we talked about what happened. I thanked him for being there from the beginning which started this whole phenomenon which still fills a significant part of my life and actually wound up initiating the friendship with Barry, that saved my life.

    I wanted to put Barry on the phone with Mark Hamill but "BobaFrett" was not available. We didn't do voicemail because I didn't want to hold up Mark's autograph line. But the people they let me ahead of didn't mind at all and actually congratulated me on my story and recovery. I shared with Mark the fact that I'll be back playing baseball next month thanks to this surgery. When I get the pictures from my friend (he's putting them on a CD for me) I'll post them along with Figrin, Chuxter, JT, and me, as well as a shot of me and BumbleBee from Transformers. Michael Bay wasn't there or I'd have told him how great I think his movies are - especially the scene with Wheelie the robot humping Megan Fox's leg.

    The Smallville panel was my favorite part of Comic Con, and I'll post about that in the Smallville thread. The 9th season will be starting and they are shooting for a 10th even. Clark WILL become Superman finally. JT and I saw him in a dark outfit with the House of El symbol on his chest (the famous "S") and wearing a dark trench coat. The show may be retitled "Metropolis!"

    I also enjoyed hanging out with SirSteve on the rooftop nightlife spot above the Merriott, called Club Altitude.

    Oh boy. As much as my better senses tell me NOT to go to Comic Con another year, I'm sure I'll be buying next year's ticket in the next couple of days. We were told that there's NO on-site discount for purchasing it at Comic Con in person, 365 days early even, and the price has risen to $100 for 2010.

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    Holy crap, I had my phone turned off, as I went to Church today. That would have been awesome to hear from Mr. Hamill! I'm glad you got to share the story with him! I'm still looking forward to seeing pictures! Awesome! Was Mark signing Star Wars pics? Or just standard photos? I had heard at one time he wouldn't sign anything Star Wars.

    Fine time to have my phone turned off. *kicks self in hind quarters*
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    I always put my phone on vibrate mode when I don't want to disturb anyone else with my calls. Then I answer "Hold on" if I have to go somewhere else where it will be easier to talk. But this way my phone will always be able to record the information in case Megan Fox calls me when I can't answer the phone. But you better believe I'd answer the phone!

    Anyway, Mark was signing Star Wars autographs on Star Wars pictures of him - with Yoda on his back, in his X-wing, fighting Vader in ESB, with Han and Leia on the Death Star, etc. (He loves Leia's line "You came in THAT thing?" and all the jokes about the Millennium Falcon "What a piece of junk!")

    He was really great with the little kids. One came up with his father and looked at the Luke pictures and then at Mark and said "Dad, that isn't Luke Skywalker." And Mark replied "Well don't tell anyone, but I'm actually Luke's grandpa." The little kid nodded and accepted his autograph.

    They also had the Uncle Milton "Force trainer" where you levitate stuff one isle over in the huge Star Wars pavillion that they always have in Comic Con. Well, another little kid tells Mark that he just found out that he can use the Force over there and levitate things in the Uncle Milton display. He said that Mark should go over there and see what he could do - that Mark could raise it all the way to the ceiling. Mark replied that this would be cheating because he's a Jedi Master.

    The guy is so great with people and really enjoys being part of Star Wars. I'd met him before during Comic Cons and SW Celebrations, but this was the most memorable time and the longest interaction I ever had with him. Mark Hamill is just one more reason to be proud to be a Star Wars fan.

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    Wow. My picture of my foot sticking out into the Grand Canyon sure sucks compared to Tycho's stories... Hope you all "enjoy" it anyway.
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