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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Yes. Post 'em if you've got 'em.

    Anyway, I'll start. Here's me--most have seen this already--it's my boys' state picture from the first week of this month. I'm the 4th guy from the left:

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    I don't have one yet. Haven't taken the time to put my camera to use, or scan one in yet.

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    SSG did have a foto posting feature, but it was never turned back on when the forums got a good scrubbing recently . . . looks like it's not coming back.

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    Well, those of you that have photos, post 'em!

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    Closest you're gonna get is my current avatar.....

    SirSteve said that he's waiting for the latest version of the forums system to be updated because the last update didn't include the profile picture feature unfortunately. But some folk were posting god knows what in their profiles and that was against the terms of use. Simple rule - if it aint you, don't upload it. That's all it was.

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    Well Jargo is that you in your avatar?

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    Of course it is! Who else around here looks so handsome? :happy:
    I like the one he had in earlier, with his dog.

    As for me, look no further than my avatar - man, I look good in sunglasses.

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    What? I don't think you're Rick McCallum...

    I'm pretty handsome too...

    And that's what Jargo looks like? I always thought he was a chunky fellow with coke-bottled glasses, 40 years old with a boyish face!

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    dead eye,

    are you the one with the logo over your head?

    i recall jargo's photo with his dog. i actually think he looked like ewan in "trainspotting".

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    Logo over my head? What?


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