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    you are referring to the group photo with about 100 guys in it, right? 4th from the left has a logo over his head.

    so what did you learn at this camp? i just read their "mission statement" and according to it, you should have learned to be a moderate, taking a little from the socialist plate and a little from the capitalist plate. bob dole(and vulcantouch) would be proud

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    Forumers pics

    I have some Forumers pics here
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    o.k. the photo popped up now. are you the one in the back with the black shirt on or the one in the front with the blink 182 shirt on.

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    <---- just look in the box

    okay, try down here
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    I was gonna post one, but I don't have one that I like enough. Gimme a little time...I never like how I look in pictures!

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    You asked...
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Damn, look at that Sir Steve figure. It's horribly pre-posed, looks like a massive lack of articulation, no knee joints, and the blaster is really out of scale. I bet the hat isn't removable either. And I just know that mine is gonna have a sloppy paintjob too. And look at all that wasted bubble space. They could have atleast packed in a holographic JediTricks.

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    Well, here I am in New York City last summer. Took a minute to relax in front of Rockefeller Center.
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    Sirsteve has a blaster so I won't mess with him!

    Derek, I'm the guy in the back. And I learned more about government than I ever wanted to know. Only the absolute best students from the whole state were selected to go.

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    In Lieu of a decent shot of me while I hunt for the pics i always lose, here's a rare treat - me in character in a starring role.......

    Okay so it was a kids show and i played a neurotic rabbit typecast again.........


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