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    Here is a photo of me from fire school in '96. I can't find the another photo of me I wanted to download.

    I've got a photo of me wearing Amidala's hair piece, but it still needs to be developed.
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    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    Well, here's me from a couple of years ago on top of a bloody huge mountain that I dragged the pup up. It's somewhere in North Wales that I can't spell This is the closest to recent pic I have. Don't look 32 in this do I? Mother nature has been very kind to me. :happy:

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    Nice location man!! Yeah, you are in great condition for your age(oh,I'm 29, I'm no spring chicken either, but from you can tell, nature (with my help ) Kicked my ***). You would be asked for ID to buy tobacco here for SURE!!(that's a Canadian compliment)
    Is the place you're standing in called Clewarrrgh'lougch attangr-r-r-r-werry, maybe? My grandma's welsh, and I think I heard her call a place SOMTHING like that.....
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    It's called Moelfamau, I just looked it up. it isn't actually a huge mountain, more like a huge hill that's a baby mountain. Feels like climbing Mount Everest though. On a clear day the view from the top is just breathtaking. There used to be a parking lot halfway up with no guard rail and this one time my dad drove us all up there and the car slipped in the mud and half went over the edge. kinda weird how all us kids got out of the car and watched as my mother and some passers by tried to haul the huge car back from the brink. My dad was the palest I've ever seen anyone go. grim determination and knuckles whiter than bone gripping the steering wheel. Mud flying from the rear tyres as they churned the ground into trenches. Luckily someone turned up with a rope and pulled the car back but it was quite exciting.

    From where I live it's like a five minute car ride into Welsh territories and signs that read like a dyslexic's gone mad. arrows pointing to places with names like 'Nantydrsyliad wrllg' or 'Rhosslcwyss Fforddfechan' My Mother's fella is welsh and speaks the language. The only two words of Welsh I know are Toiledau and Parcio. As long as you know where the toilets and the parking lots are you're laughing.

    I just found a place in Wales on the map called 'Golly' next time I'm out that way I'm going there. Just to see what 'Golly' looks like.....

    I've got a roll of film waiting to be developed, I'll have to see if there's a shot of me on it. Gota be better than that mountain photo. Jeez I'm so vain!

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    Jargo, your dog looks like mine!

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    Pedigree Black labrador. Name of Buster. 3 year old. Neutered.....
    Partly trained by yours truly to be a guide dog for the blind, failed on health grounds due to arthritis of the elbows and a food intolerence. Now home with me for good. YAY! Buster is a ldies dog and prefers blonds. Is not afraid to look up skirts and will be your friend for life if you tickle his belly. Soft as they come Buster has a velvety soft coat which is actually Ebony rather than true Black. Thus indicating that his parents were Golden labrador or mixed coloring. Buster is a perfect companion, guard dog, protector and cat chaser. He likes to recieve mail from other dogs with pictures if female, for his personal wall of hotties, or even male, so he can size up the opposition. mail can be sent to or you could visit Busters website here: Buster's dogpile his website is in a bit of a mes right now but he hopes to update it very soon....

    Can you tell I'm terminally bored?

  7. #67 had me stumped on that one!

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    But I like the picture of Emperor Jargo's dog! Very nice!

    Neighbors of mine, when I was a kid, had a black lab named Petie.

    Like Peter, for it was a boy.

    He was great fun to play with as they often lent him to me since he got along great with my terrier Barney.

    I am also a cat person and since I live in an apartment now, I don't have a yard and I'm not home enough to let a dog out, I have 2 very nice all-black cats, twin sisters since I can only tell them apart by voice and personality. I've had them since they were babies.

    But Jargo's dog there looks like a great pal!
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    I couldn't agree more!

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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Well, if you click on my art gallery link you'll find this picture of me:
    WOW! Big B Now I know why that is your screen name.
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