Well as long as it doesn't get to ya too much.

It wouldn't be the 1st time I've mistaken a man for a woman.

When I worked the Maplewood Mall on the slow days we would stand at the front of the store and watch the women go by, and on more than one occasion one of us would point out these tall, long blond haired women with tight jeans, and from the back it looked pretty good, till the DUDE turned around!!! Damb those 80's rockers...but we got a good laugh outta it.

My friends one night at a bar, brought this attractive brunette over to me while I was playing darts. And this brunette has about 5 other women with her. Well I found it odd that my friends would give this one to me, since normally they try to steal them away or keep the good looking ones for themselves.
To make a long story short I was skeptical, and good thing...it was a professional cross dresser who just finished a job.

So its all in good fun, and if ya can't get a laugh outta it, what good it is. My motto is, "If I can't be the sexy one, might as well be the funny one."