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Old and shrivelled? Well that's not a very flattering image to place in peoples minds.

I picture Jarjar being in one of those clinical type environments with a bank of monitors in front of him and all the monitors show different websites that he uses to post all the information. he has a sort of neat and tidy dark suit on and perfectly manicured hands. his head is forever shrouded in mysterious shadows. he sits in a huge leather chair with a massive control console in front of him and a small chihuahau Chihuaahuaha Chiawowa yappy dog on his lap. Sort of james Bond baddie style if y'know what i mean.
Binks you're totally mad!
Your plans for world domination will never succeed!
Do you expect me to talk?
(This all sounds really cool if you imagine Sean Connery saying it)

Wah wah na na na
He's the man the man with boom de gasser...