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    Those other two pictures are from my last year of high school. This one was taken this week in my academic advisor's office at Ohio State.
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    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    Here's my most recent pic taken just this morning, I don't exactly look my best just now, the swelling will go down in a few days the doctor said...........

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    Impressive, Jargo. Most impressive.

    All you have to do now is figure out a way to top a good looking black man turning into an ugly white woman. (Which is what Jacko looks like now)


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    Wow, that pic Jargo!

    Good Golly Miss Molly!

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    I'm using a trial of the latest photoshop software right now and the tools are pretty cool. I was playing around and ended up looking like that which was just horrific. I turned my partner into the wicked witch of the west which actually was an improvement no I'm lying, seriously I am. I thought maybe we could see who can make themselves look the worst based on their previous pics where we get to see them looking their best and then post a new deformed pic where you try to make yourself into a z list celebrity lookalike. If I hadn't done jacko I was going to go for the Peter Lorre look. I like paint shop pro for doing stuff with pics but photoshop sure has some cool toys. A blend of both programmes would be so sweet.

    Jacko is seriously messed up right now facially. corrective surgery for corrective surgery and then more cosmetic surgery on top of that so his mouth no longer moves, his skull is mashed up at the cheeks and he probably has no internal nasal capabilities. That chin means his jaw has been busted wide open and reset, probably had a chunk of bone removed. All those implants to build up those cheeks and his chin, A totally fake nose made of cartilidge with no bone. Mashed up for the sake of not wanting to look like his dad and wanting to look like Peter Pan. I never saw Peter Pan with five o-clock shadow and tattooed eyeliner. Peter Pan never bleached his skin. Pete Pan had the ability to smile. Jacko is falling apart because he went too far. He should be photographed with a macro lens so people can see how ridiculous it is to mess with nature. Plastic and cosmetic surgery for the sake of vanity are not going to make you look good just like an arse and so so fake.

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    Did you see the most recent pic of him from his court appearance yesterday??? I'm sure it should be circulating worldwide.

    You should put a wig on that picture and then you'd have it right on the money. hehe
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    Yeah, a wig would work better I guess. I tried to find a pic I could use but got bored searching. maybe I'll redo it later. Incidentally, the pic I used for my current avatar is the basis for this Jacko homage. It's freaky what a little tweak here and there can do to you. Maybe I could do a whole series of 'celebrity self portraits'. Jargo does.....Hollywood or something. Rather than simply paste my face onto a movie star I'll make myself that movie star. maybe that's not such a good idea. I highly doubt I could turn myself into someone like brad pitt but I suppose it would be a laff to try. I reckon other people should have a go too.

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    Jargo, this is for you

    This was the picture I was speaking of ealier.

    Have fun with photoshop
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    The pic looks a little sandy, but that is because I had to take a pic of the pic.
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    "hopped up on Jar Jar Binks"


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