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Judders ... "DTs" ... what's the diff?
true. I thought that when they came out. OOh kids, drink Metz and feel cool when you feel hellish

Like a true geek, I have all the adverts on CD-Rom. As the weeks went by, I caught them now and again when I was videoing things on Channel 4. I gave them to a filmmaker friend who transferred them onto CD for me. I would love a soundtrack of the music to sample in one of my songs. I'm glad you liked the ad. I think it was inspired by Dr Caligaris Cabinet or the petrifyingly terrid childrens story book my parents used to read me as kid; Struwwelpeter

If you like this kind of dark coolness, try Edward Gorey's deliciously darkGashlycrumb Tinies

Go on then, one more. The Crow (jo) looks better on this one