Deoxy: I could use your legs to pick my teeth

They fed me spoonfuls of malt paste to try and beef me up coz they thought I was malnourished. awful stuff. consistency of smooth peanut butter with a foul taste.

Slicker: Awwww...look at lil' Andy! He looks so cute! I just wanna pinch those lil' cheeks

Bless ya squire.

Tycho: could you label the people in your picture?

Tall one with the glasses is my now 44yo eldest brother Tony who is a nerdy systems analyst for some bank or other. The one with hair like a bell jar is my now 42yo sister barbara who is the size of Jupiter and a small time bookkeeper. And my now 37yo little bro is a scruffy smelly hobo. My uncle Chris was my godfather and died at 40 after having a massive coronary. amazing thing is he drove fifty miles while having it so he could be at home with his family when he died. he managed to get through the front door of his house and dropped down dead.

Devil King: I think it's a nice little window into life in Diblybottomshire or where ever you lived.

Ha! I was born in Cheshire (pronounced Chesh-err) in a village called Saughall (Pronounced saw-gull) but it wasn't that picturesque. mostly farm land around us. lots of moocows. wish it had been called Dibblybottomshire though.