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Now, why would you NOT smile in your grad pictures? I was happy as hell I completed both of my degrees.
I was glad to get my degrees I guess - or maybe relieved was the proper word. As I finished college, I was at the point where I did and still read an awful lot - about what I want to research and learn about. Then I form and write my own opinions about it, and don't really want to "report or regurgitate someone else's theory." However, I settled into a pattern of adding (without being instructed to do so) whether or not I agreed or disagreed with various authors of my college texts and even my professors and the points they were making. I earned very high grades in college, but maybe that was because I was such a pain in the neck, my teachers wanted to make sure I never had to repeat any of their classes.

But I don't know if I would be smiling unless I took over my entire university and reformulated the curriculum and indoctrinated everyone else in my own standards - especially in my specialized disciplines.

I was really at a point where few people could teach ME anything, but I wanted to instruct everyone else, while I was constantly teaching myself even more. I swear I need to become dictator of my own little island or something.

BTW, I was a teaching assistant just once - for a political science course that I was asked to help out one of my favorite professors with. I hated grading papers - just hated it. And as much as I think I'd like some aspects of teaching - like getting to lecture a captive audience - I couldn't do it for a career. No way.