Ah. OK. Well I hope it gets better for you. Yeah. I need to try kayacking. You can rent them to go out in the bay here for $18 for 2 hours I believe.

You get to kayack with the sea lions and dolphins riding along next to you. It's pretty cool.

I want to meet that one baby seal (or sea lion I think) that went ashore and took off and went to Chevy's Mexican Grill over in Del Mar (next town north of La Jolla where you were staying out here).

If that little seal would cross a highway to go to a restaurant (remember, this is a TRUE story that was in the newspaper here - I linked to it some time ago), he must know all the best places to get seafood along the Southern California coast.

When you kayack here, the seals and dolphins really do come by and say "hello."

BTW, I will have to get to the post office for you, Barry. I haven't had the chance yet. Tomorrow morning it is on my Things To Do List.