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Randy's Donuts isn't south central, I used to live right there, that's west siiiiieeede! The far side of Inglewood and Hawthorne are more South Central. Cool pix tho', but what set you claimin' in them colors?!? Them red shoes get you shot around those parts, son.

Did you take a trip to the Watts Towers, or was that just a stop along the way to something else?
To my family, I live in South Central, simply because I'm in the same time zone and state. And maroon/burgundy with orange stripes ain't red, homey, especially when it's paired with khaki t-shirt with donut art and black cargo shorts. :dork:

The last day of spring break had me saying: "hey, let's do something different." So it was Randy's first, drive across to the Towers, home (after a quick stop) James.