This particular thought has been much on my mind for months and since most of you here have a fondness for sci-fi and allied entertainments outside of strictly Star Wars, I felt this was a good place to voice my protest.

DC Direct, DC Comics' toy manufacturing arm, which makes the best action figures ever based on their own properties, had planned, then canceled, figures based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' "Watchmen" series. The line was going to include two releases of some of the best figures of some of the best characters in the history of comics! The first release was to have included Dr. Manhatten, Silk Spectre, and The Comedian. The release of the figures was to coincide with the anniversary of the series and have been part of a merchandising blitz.

Then it happened. The incredibly fickle Alan Moore rekindled his blood feud with DC over creative issues and refused to sign off on the anniversary celebration of his master work. In support, Dave Gibbons jumped off of the Watchmen Anniversary bandwagon as well, prompting DC to just drop the entire celebration, including the release of many related items. Not the least of these being the action figures. DC felt, "it just wouldn't be a party without them [Moore and Gibbons].

That is as may be, however, I fail to see the logic in abandoning the figure line in absence of an anniversary celebration. There is no such fanfare surrounding the so-called "Hard Traveling Heroes" or various Vertigo characters. It was not Flash or Green Lantern's career milestones that prompted figures based on their respective Rogues Galleries. Superman, Aquaman, Shazam! - Not a party or celebration in the lot, yet the figures kept to their scheduled release dates.

What am I rambling about? I am hopeful that we can get a groundswell of support to petition DC Direct to greenlight the Watchmen figure line again. We should not have to do without (as fans) what would have been the best selling DC Direct line ever just because Alan Moore is a spoiled brat and Dave Gibbons is a bleeding heart conformist! Thoughts o' Watchmen fans?