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    Other Deleted Scenes

    Appart from the deleated scenes on The Phantom Menace DVD, how many more are there that haven't been re-made?
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    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in the with Qui lecturing Obi over his lightsaber not being turned off when he escaped into the swamp water from the MTTs which caused it to malfunction (I think) and that's why Obi didn't use his saber against those STAPs and only Qui did.

    R2 falling off the Coruscant platform after they land (some of the green screen filming shots can be seen in "Droid Karma" on the E1 DVD) and then using his rocket boosters to fly back up, which is why the E1 figure has the boosters.

    Darth Maul jumping onto the Royal Starship's boarding ramp after Qui-Gon and them dueling there then Qui kicking Maul which makes him fall to the ground and that's why if you look closely you can see Maul just finishing getting up when they cut back to him in the movie.
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    There are some scene trims that didn't appear on the DVD, the three that should have been included are:

    1. Obi-Wan surfacing in the swamp, and then he gets chased by the STAP's. After Qui-Gon takes out the two STAP's, Obi-Wan explains why he was running from them. Apperantly he left the power cells on, when he went into the swamp, and it shorted out his lightsaber. Qui-Gon chastizes him for his forgetfullness.

    2. In the "Going back to Naboo" scene on the Coruscant landing platform, R2-D2 was supposed to be looking over the side, and leans forward to far. He topples over, and pops up a few moments later with his booster rockets lifting him back onto the platform safely.

    3. During the lightsaber battle on Tatooine, between Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn, the fight continued after Qui-Gon jumped up to the ramp. Maul originally followed him up, and they faught on the ramp. Qui-Gon ended up knocking Maul off, and that's why when you see the reverse shot of Maul, you can see sand around the bottem of his cloak.

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    Instead of doing lap 2 of the pod race, why the hell didn't they do the platform with Darth Maul, that would have been way better!
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    there a few shots cut from the final battle that can be seen in the different things including the backround of the special features menu. i really wish there was a uncut version of that
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    IIRC, there was also supposed to be some dialouge between Maul and Obi while he was hangin around.

    Another deleted scene that can be viewed on a special effects thing on one of those internet clips they put on the DVD is a smaller MTT that has Droidekas rolling out of it on the battle field. They show it in blue/white wireframes.

    They also mentioned wanting to add a Faamba getting a fireball up it's backend during the battle and then going crazy, which can also be scene in a wireframe sequence on the DVD.
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    I heard about the diologue between Obi-Wan and Maul, and also there's supposed to be a scene where Obi-Wan flips off one of the Generator walls.
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    Thumbs up

    Ohhh...i totally agre that the Darth Maul scenes (specially the dialogue with OB1), would have been better instead of the 2nd lap in the Pod Race. Maybe some day we will see them...hopefully!!
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    There was also a scene (which I remember seeing when I went to see TPM at the pictures one time but wasn't show any others) where Anakin has crash landed in the control ship and the battle droids are questioning R2 about the pilot and R2 is pretending he was the pilot. It was rather funny and I deffinetly remember seeing it one time at the pictures, regardles of that LucasFilm told me about my mind playing tricks on me cause i read it in the script...

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