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    Your Thoughts Before ESB

    The first time that I saw Star Wars in '97, I already knew that Vader was Lukes father and that Liea was his sister, but for all those of you that where around between 77 and 80, who thought that Ben was his Father, and did anyone guess that Liea was his sister, or is there even anyone who thought that Owen was Luke's father and tried to forget his own jedi past, "Lukes not a farmer owen, he's got too much of his father in him" 2That's what I'm afraid of" anyone?
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    Ah, come on, I thought that I'd get loads of answers to this, I've always wanted to know if people guessed that Vader was Luke's father, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well, I saw Star Wars for the 1st time in '77.. and I certainly didn't think Vader was Luke's dad. And I don't think anyone else did ( maybe even Lucas ). And I didn't think Ben was Luke's father or that Leia was his sister. I bought Ben's story just like Luke did, about how he and Anakin were friends and fellow Jedi and that Vader killed Luke's dad (literally, not "from a certain point of view").

    There was really nothing in the first movie that hinted otherwise.

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    Ditto, TIE Pilot.....

    Like TIE Pilot, my first viewing of ANH (known only then as Star Wars) was in May 1977.

    This appeared to be a one-shot movie, with a good vs. evil theme. No real hint of sequels. As TIE Pilot says, there was no reason NOT to buy into the character's stories. I don't really see where the hints to the revelations as we now know them are in ANH. Maybe I'm just

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    I was 5 or 6 at the time and had no idea Vader was Lukes father.
    It was a total shock and I don't think the implications really set in until ROTJ.

    I'm still reeling from the Emporer Zurg/Buzz Lightyear revelation.
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    Well, the only time in my memory that I left a movie part-way in to use the bathroom was the first time I saw ESB. Guess the part? About halfway through the Vader/Luke Bespin saber duel! I never even knew their relationship until I heard my friends at school debating it.

    But going into the film, I never suspected anything; 7 yr olds aren't allowed to do that. I made virtually no connections between ANH lines and ESB scenes.
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    I had no idea that Vader was Luke's father. Like everyone else that posted, I believed Ben's story about Anakin. As for Leia, it never crossed my mind that she was Luke's sister. Up until the end of ESB, I wanted her and Luke to get together. Shows what I know...
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    I watched ESB and did not believe DV when he said that. I just thought he wanted to "GET HIM"! I was watching as a kid and didn't fully understand what was happening until ROTJ. And got further clarification later on that Luke knew "it to be true" when he searched his fealings and screamed out "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"
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    I think they made Luke and Leia brother and sister to weasel out of a complicated love triangle. They obviously didn't want to waste screen time resolving it properly. One of my biggest pet peeves of the whole saga. Why not just have Luke support the relationship from a friend perspective? He can't be with a woman anyway, he's a Jedi! Oh, wait a second.....

    When ESB came out, I was the biggest SW fan in my class (gr. 3). The older kids would ask ME about SW stuff because I had actually read the novelization by that point, more than once, and was a huge fan of the toys. I knew who was who and what was what, even back then.
    One of my other biggest gripes about SW is that some knob at recess spoiled the biggest shocker ever for me. My parents took my brother and I opening night, but we didn't get there in time - sold out. The very next day I heard at school. I remember being so angry, I nearly cried. We saw the movie that night, and I even remember being mad when the moment happened on screen beause it had been spoiled for me, and I didn't want it to be true. I would have NEVER guessed if that puke didn't tell me.
    I think I believed the words of Obi Wan at face value.
    Until EpII I thought Owen Lars had been a Jedi because of his clothing in ANH, I don't think I ever thought he was Luke's dad though.
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    I didn't see any of the films until after ROTJ so I knew every bit about the storyline before even watching ANH for the first time when it debuted on TV.

    In case you are wondering, I was 5 when Star Wars came out in 77, my dad just had a thing about movie theaters so we (my brother and I) weren't allowed to go see any movies until we started making our own money.
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