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    Question Ebay question/stories

    Has anyone ever win an auction on Ebay that seems ridiculously low?

    I've recently won a Luke with Taun Taun (MIB) for $4.50.
    (the shipping was $6), and I am waiting to see if the guy will pan out.

    What has your experience been with bidding SW stuff on Ebay?

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    back in the very early days of ebay, you could get just about everything ridiculously low......and I mean ridiculous!! got a MONM/MC Yoda (brown snake) for 12.00. But that was back when seller really didnt pay too much attention to detail and were misspelling words, so that their auction wouldnt show up in conventional searches. Now, there are programs just for power sellers and ebay, so that crap doesnt happen anymore.....or very rarely. I miss the old days
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    Ummm.....I got a Bespin Luke for 5 before I found one in stores.

    I got a bunch of Babylon 5 figures really cheap, for like 1 dollar. The person had set the auction to end on X-Mas day, I guess without realizing it. No one was bidding that day. I am going to make looking on ebay a X-MAS tradition.
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    very good idea QLD! thanx in advance!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I scored 18 SW Insider Magazines for $6.00 thats including shipping so it cost the seller money to ship it to me
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    I got a Revell 1:24 NASCAR Jeff Gordon Episode I Pepsi Car that had it's case, certificate of autheticity and everything else it was supposed to come with for around $22 when a local NASCAR shop was wanting $75 for it.
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    I only buy from sellers that have very high positive feedback and no or very low negative feedback, this insures that I wi never be had. I can snag Episode 1 and POTF2 carded figures for $3 and usually from the same seller so I only pay one shipping fee.
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    I just got a 12" Tusken Raider with blaster in mint box off of E-Bay for $10.00. I was gonna stop collecting the 12" but for this price I couldn't pass it up. Oh yea, it still had a K-Mart price sticker on it of $19.99 but that came off easy. I usually don't buy stuff off of E-Bay but SOMETIMES you get a good deal. HH
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    I got a MOMC SOTE Prince Xizor for a dollar about a year ago or so when I was collecting the entire SOTE line. I have no idea why no one else ever bid on the auction...I waited til there was only like a couple of minutes left in the auction and still no one had bid on it. So I bid on it, and won. I also got a POTF2 Dewback w/ Sandtrooper for $5, and once this one guy had a bunch of old POTF2 figures all ending on the same day, with no bids on any of them, so I waited til there was hardly any time left on the auctions and went and won them all for like $2 apiece. I got Lak Sivrak, Garindan, Momaw Nadon, and Tarkin that day.

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    I just won a orange carded C-3po for a penny and an Episode 1 C-3po for 1 dollar from the same guy.
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