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    Who put the "B" in "B-Wing"?

    Ok, so if you notice, the X-Wing had "X" shaped wings, the Y-Wing is roughly shaped like a "Y", and the A-Wing is slightly similar to the shape of the letter "A". The B-Wing in no way resembles a letter "B", no matter how you look at it. What's up w/ this?

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    The way I rationalize this is:

    If the B-wing is standing straight up and the wings out, it almost looks like a "B" on both sides. I

    It's like if you draw 2 half circles on each side, there is a B.

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    I see what you're saying, that makes me look at it totally different.

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    the master jedi
    I think the guy who designed it had a a B for either the first letter in his first name or the first letter in his last name.

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    If you turn it vertically, with the cockpit on the bottom, it looks like a lower-case "B". That's my best guess.
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    Re: well........

    Originally posted by PloKoon2385
    If you turn it vertically, with the cockpit on the bottom, it looks like a lower-case "B". That's my best guess.
    "b" With the cockpit at the bottom of the ship, that's basically how the ship is shaped, like a lower-case b.
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    I think this was listed in a Q&A at Rebelscum....

    I also remember reading this back in the day....

    "B" stands for "Blade". With the wings extended, the long fuselage looks like the blade of the knife, with the cockpit being the handle, and the shorter wings being the hand guards.
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    these all sound pretty reasonable.
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    They do sound reasonable, don't they? There goes my theory.

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    I've heard the blade explanation too at some point.
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