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    I can't buy that "blade" explanation, it doesn't fit. Look at the X-wing, the Y-wing, and the A-wing, all three are shaped like the English letters they are named after, yet the B-wing, which IS shaped like a "b" doesn't fit in with this just to mess with our minds? Take a look at the Action Fleet Series Alpha B-wing and the B-wing designs in other reference books, it LOOKS like a "B" in earlier designs.
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    I always thought of it as a capital B on either side like evenflow proposed. Sure it takes imagination unlike the other 3, but I just assumed they wanted it to "fit" the pattern of X,Y, A,?
    Though I must admit the lower case b theory does make sense.

    Can I go with both explanations?

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    Actually, what I've heard is-- Incom made the X wing, and then the Y wing... General Dodonna designed the A wing, and then the same company who made those made the B wing soon after, and implemented them into the rebellion's fleet by Ackbar. There's also an E wing in the EU, so I wonder if there's a C and D wing?

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    They had to call it a b wing. I mean t wing would have been silly. Ha, just kidding. I don't get it either, but it's still cool to me.
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    Nah, it doesn't look anything like a lower case B. It's symmetrical while 'b' is asymmetrical. I would accept that explanation if it were called the I-Wing since it looks more like an i with the cockpit on top and the wings drawn in.
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    Like bibfortuna, I've also heard the 'blade' explanation too. If you picture it with the cockpit at the bottom it's meant to look like a sword or dagger, which I suppose it does.
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    Would you really want a fighter shaped like a giant capital "B" anyway?

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    I think it was supposed to be called a t-wing, but the conversation got interupted and someone thought he said "Bee" instad of "Tee". It was a simple mistake, but they decided to live with it. Also Luke was supposed to be Lukas Cryhopper, as is evident in ANH.

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    Hmm... I always thought it could stand for Bi-wing. :happy:
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    I think the B-Wing looks like a capital B. Take a look at this picture.


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