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    Lott Dodd Hologram?

    Was Lott Dood ever a Hologram in Ep. I? I don't recall seeing it. Is Hasbro really thinking about releasing this figure. It would be cool but why? Well as long as we get the Holo Nute I will be satisfied.

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    There's not going to be a Lott Dodd hologram figure, just a Nute Gunray one from Ep 1.

    Lott Dodd will be released the way we see him in Ep 1 in the Senate.

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    both figures have been on collector's wishlists for a while, they should be pretty cool.
    The force will be with you- always...

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    ya they should look pretty good.
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    I thought the Lott Dod was going to be a regular figure and was suposed to come with the hologram nute but it was nixed. Then I thought that both Lott and Nute were regular figures. Lott being a late episode one release and Nute being in his AOTC costume.
    But as Nute isn't being released in this years figures I guess we won't know for a while for definate.
    I seriously want that Lott Dod figure though. Hope it bodes well for getting a Daultay Dofine figure at some point in the future.


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